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What Can You Do When New Controller Appeared 04 and 019

What Can You Do When New Controller Appeared E04 and E19

First appeared E04, then appeared E19:

  1. E04 is a low temperature warning. First please check the entire oil path of heater whether in which parts of the oil leaking. For example, Oil pump, tubing, diesel filter and other oil pipe connections,  check whether there is oil leakage.
  2. If the oil path is normal, please check the combustion chamber and the turbine. When the heater does not completely stop working then you directly cut off the power, the heater without cooling, the combustion chamber will be burnt, the turbine at high temperature deformation.
  3. If there is no direct disconnection of power, check whether the temperature of aluminum shell is normal, because when it is warm or hot, the heater does not work properly.
  4. If step 1.2.3.have not occurred, long press the power button for 5 seconds, the oil discharge machine then shut down after the completion of the re-start testing.
  5. If the fourth step still can not make the heater, check the sensor.
  6. Still still appear E19, may be the oil pump out of the oil is too much, please contact the manufacturer.

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