SIMATE Diesel Heater 2KW and 5KW for trucks, RVs

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  • $399.99

SIMATE diesel heater data:

SIMATE Diesel Heater S1

Rated voltage                12V/24V

Rated power                  2000W

Output heat                   7500BTU

Power Consumption     35 W

Fuel Type                       Diesel

Fuel Consumption         <0.35 L/H

SIMATE Diesel Heater S2

Rated voltage                12V/24V

Rated power                 5000W

Output heat                   15000BTU

Power Consumption     40 W

Fuel Type                       Diesel

Fuel Consumption:        <0.5 L/H


Heater purchase and installation considerations:

  • If you're unsure about how to select the best heater, our heater comparison page makes it easy. Visit us and discover how choosing the right heater can be a breeze.
  • Please make sure to carefully read the Installation Precautions page before setting up your heater. This will help ensure your heater functions perfectly.


If you have enough confidence in your abilities and want to be able to install SIMATE diesel heaters yourself, please watch the video: 


The main advantages of SIMATE diesel heaters:

We know that you may need a diesel heater that is relatively inexpensive, but with reliable quality.  And it is best to have CE and RoHS and FCC certifications. To this end, we offer SIMATE diesel heaters for you to choose from.

SIMATE Diesel Heater

When you buy the SIMATE heater, you can also get our perfect after-sales service. If you bought other Chinese parking heaters, they would hardly help to solve the problem for you when faults occur.  

SIMATE diesel heater uses the ordinary plastic as the outer casing material. It looks similar to the VVKB diesel heater and also has the same appearance as the VVKB diesel heater.

VVKB Diesel Heater

VVKB Diesel Heater Apollo-V2


The heat exchanger of the SIMATE diesel heater is exactly the same as VVKB one. However, SIMATE uses Chinese standard ADC 12 aluminum ingot,while VVKB heater uses the American standard A380 aluminum ingot.

SIMATE Heater Parts

SIMATE Diesel Heater heat exchanger

The control program of the SIMATE heater is just an ordinary 8-bit chip, which uses analog communication for data transmission.

Electronic Control Unit

SIMATE Heater Electronic Control Unit

SIMATE diesel heater uses the Japanese Kyocera glow pin instead of cheap one from many Chinese heaters, so you don’t need to replace the gow pin from time to time. 

Glow Pin

Glow Pin

To guarantee the safety, we use duty-heavy exhaust clamps, so it’s no need to worry that the burnt exhaust gas enters the cabin, which affects your health.



However, regarding exhaust muffler, we will use cheaper one than what VVKB has. It can reduce the cost but bring you benefits

Exhaust Muffler

Exhaust Muffler

To give the users a quiet environment for rest, SIMATE diesel heater equip with a flexible exhaust pipe. The flexible exhaust pipe can largely reduce the heater’s working noise, and the flexible exhaust pipe is very helpful for the heater installation.

Diesel Heater accessories

Exhaust Pipe

We also used an LCD control panel to make the heater look higher-end. 

Main use and installation location of SIMATE heater:

SIMATE Diesel Heater Installation Location

SIMATE Diesel Heater Installation Location



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