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From Cold Starts to Cozy Rides

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Why Vvkb?

We are a manufacturer specializing in engine block heaters, diesel heaters, and fuel heaters, with 28 years of industry experience. Good auto parts is ISO9001 certified, and our products have received international certifications including E-mark, TUV, CE, RoHS, and FCC. Over the past 28 years, we have provided reliable and efficient heating solutions for millions of users worldwide for their vehicles and ships during winter, earning widespread customer satisfaction and trust.

The vvkb heaters enhance the start-up performance and operational efficiency of your vehicles and ships in cold environments, ensuring optimal performance under any harsh weather conditions. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services, and we believe you will be satisfied with our heaters and customer service.

If you are interested in wholesale opportunities or wish to learn more, please feel free to contact us via email. We look forward to collaborating with you to explore the market and bring warmth and convenience to more users.

Vvkb Factory & Product Video Gallery

This section showcases Vvkb's production floor and key products, highlighting our ability to produce reliable heaters. The videos show why Vvkb heaters are a dependable choice that won't disappoint. Choose Vvkb heaters now!

Vvkb Heater Mold Machining Workshop

This is our mold-making workshop, where we create molds for both our standard products and custom heater molds for clients.

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Heater Motor Production

This video showcases the production process of the diesel heater motor. The meticulous attention to detail by our workers ensures the heater's quality meets all requirements, significantly reducing potential issues during use.

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Vvkb Diesel Air Heater

Stay cozy and warm in your RV or truck, no matter the outside temperatures, with the Vvkb diesel air heater. Designed to create a comfortable environment, this heater ensures you can rest or sleep in warmth during your travels. Its efficient diesel-powered operation makes it a cost-effective solution for heating your vehicle's interior, ensuring you enjoy every journey in comfort. Click to experience the warmth and transform your vehicle into a cozy retreat today!

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Vvkb Engine Block Heater

Ensure a quick, smooth start for your engine on cold mornings with the Vvkb engine block heater. This device efficiently pre-heats your engine, reducing wear and enhancing performance. Ideal for those chilly starts, it's a simple upgrade that brings lasting benefits to your vehicle. Click to buy now and experience easier starts!

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Vvkb Diesel Engine Heater

Ensure your diesel engine starts smoothly even in the coldest weather with our efficient diesel heater. Powered by your vehicle's electrical system, it uses diesel combustion to pre-heat your engine's coolant, ensuring rapid startup and improved fuel economy. This process not only reduces wear on your engine but also minimizes emissions, supporting a more eco-friendly operation. Perfect for maintaining engine health and extending its longevity.

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About US

Welcome to Vvkb

Welcome to our website! As a Vvkb retail customer, you'll find that our products offer not only exceptional quality but also reasonable prices. Whether you drive a vehicle or operate equipment, our heating products ensure you experience reliable and long-lasting warmth.

Quality and Reliability

Vvkb, as a brand under Good Auto Parts, has over two decades of industry experience. Good auto parts is certified by ISO9001 quality management system. Our heaters are certified by industry leaders such as E-mark, TUV, CE, RoHS, and FCC, reflecting our commitment to quality. With continuous innovation and investment in R&D, we constantly push the limits of performance to deliver heaters that combine efficiency and reliability.

Our Team, Your Support

We have an experienced and professional team that ensures quality throughout the entire process, from research and development to production and sales. If you encounter any issues with our products, our customer service team will respond to your email within 8 hours. We always put our customers first so that you can enjoy our unparalleled quality and service.

Our Origins

Vvkb's founder, Eric Zhang, experienced extreme cold weather in a remote province in China and witnessed the challenges drivers face during winter. This ignited his passion for designing heating solutions that could withstand the harshest winters. With relentless effort and an excellent team of engineers, Good Auto Parts was born. After 28 years of dedication, we have earned over 20 patents from Europe and the United States, gradually becoming one of the world's leading vehicle heater manufacturers.

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Contact us today and experience the exceptional performance of Vvkb heating products. Don't wait – buy now to get the best in quality and reliability, and stay warm with our innovative heating solutions!

Old vs. New Engine Heater

Diesel Heater
Diesel Heater
Old Heater
New Heater

With Built-in Pump

New engine block heater with built-in water pump, old block heater without pump.

Thermostat Controller

New heater with built-in thermostat, Old heater without thermostat.

Ease of Installation

New Heater: Easy Install, Old Heater: Complex Setup

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