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From Cold Starts to Cozy Rides

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VVKB diesel fuel tank heater 12V / 24V for truck tractor

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Benefits of Vvkb Diesel Fuel Tank Heaters

  1. Improves Fuel Fluidity: The Vvkb Diesel Fuel Tank Heater effectively prevents diesel waxing at low temperatures, ensuring fluid fuel flow and reducing start-up difficulties.
  2. Lowers Maintenance Costs: By maintaining fuel fluidity, it reduces wear and failures in the fuel system, extending its lifespan.
  3. Enhances Startup Efficiency: The heater warms the diesel, increasing fuel temperature for easier atomization and improved engine cold-start efficiency.
  4. Reduces Emissions: Appropriately warmed diesel burns more completely, effectively reducing emissions during cold starts.
  5. Saves Fuel: Improves fuel combustion efficiency, reducing extra fuel consumption during cold starts.
  6. Wide Applicability: Suitable for various diesel vehicles, including heavy-duty vehicles, agricultural machinery, and construction equipment.
  7. Easy Installation: Designed compactly for the fuel pickup tube, it offers quick and easy installation.
  8. Durable Over Time: Features a high-quality aluminum body and PTC heating components for reliable, long-term operation.
  9. Self-regulating Temperature Control: Utilizes PTC heating elements which inherently prevent overheating, ensuring the heater operates safely and maintains diesel at optimal temperatures without manual adjustment.
  10. Optimizes Vehicle Performance: Maintains fuel at an ideal temperature, contributing to stable vehicle performance, especially in extremely cold environments.

Data of Vvkb Diesel Fuel Tank Heater

  • Rated voltage 12V / 24V, rated power 50W
  • Installed in fuel tank, PTC heating, very safe
  • Suitable for all diesel engines, strong compatibility
  • Fast heating of diesel fuel, increasing diesel fluidity
  • Better effect with fuel filter heater and fuel heater
  • One year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • After payment, about 12 days, you will receive VVKB heater

Diesel Fuel Tank Winter Challenges and Solutions

During the cold seasons, diesel vehicles often face poor fuel flow issues as the low temperatures cause diesel to thicken and wax, making it difficult for the fuel pickup tube in the tank to draw fuel. The Vvkb Diesel Fuel Tank Heater, featuring an efficient aluminum body with built-in PTC heating elements, is directly installed at the inlet of the fuel pickup tube. By heating the tube and the surrounding diesel, it improves fuel temperature, thereby enhancing fluidity. The heated diesel, further warmed by the fuel filter heater and water separator, enters the engine at an optimal temperature. This not only facilitates better atomization and ignition but also significantly reduces emissions and fuel consumption during cold starts.

Vvkb Diesel Tank Heater

Vvkb Diesel Tank Heater

The image displays the Vvkb Diesel Fuel Tank Heater, which consists of a complete aluminum assembly. Inside the heater, there is a PTC heating element that quickly heats the surrounding fuel.

Diesel Tank Heater

Diesel Tank Heater

The image shows a fuel pickup tube equipped with a heating function. Installation is extremely convenient as it simply involves replacing the entire pickup tube.


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