Why and when we use heater?

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 This is what happens when diesel fuel temperature passes below the cold filter plugging point. Wax crystals from to clog up fuel filters and bring trucks and equipment to a halt. Starting an engine when it’s severely cold stresses your engine. When it’s cold, your oil gets thick, resulting in a couple of negative side effects. Plus, if the engine’s running with cold parts that haven’t been able to warm and expand to the right size, they can get damaged.

    When using a car heater, it can reduce stress to your engine, battery, starter motor and more. It could warm up your cabin more quickly. With engine coolant fluid that’s been warmed by the car heater, your cabin can draw in warm air almost immediately after you start it in the morning.

    So, how long should your vehicle be plugged in the heater? And when should you plug it in?

    While many drivers plug their vehicles in every night in the winter, you only need to use your block heater once the temperature reaches – 15 C. And your car heater only needs four hours to warm your engine before you start it. Timers can now be installed on your block heater so you can set it to turn on a few hours before you think you’ll leave the house. Timers can help save up to $25 on your utility bill.

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