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From Cold Starts to Cozy Rides

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Tooqun Parking Heater 12V/24V 2000W/5000W

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 Benefits of Tooqun Diesel Heaters

  1. Affordability Meets Quality: Enjoy the warmth without breaking the bank. Tooqun diesel heaters offer a budget-friendly solution with reliable quality, ensuring you stay warm even during the coldest months.
  2. Tested for Dependability: Each Tooqun heater undergoes rigorous testing before it reaches you. We ensure every unit meets high standards of performance, so you can trust in your purchase.
  3. Prompt Customer Support: Experience peace of mind with our dedicated support team. Should any questions arise, we guarantee a response within 8 hours to assist you promptly and efficiently.
  4. Quick Delivery: From our factory to your doorstep in just 9-15 days. Place your order and start planning for a warmer, more comfortable environment without lengthy waits.
  5. Standard Materials, Extraordinary Durability: While Tooqun heaters are built with standard materials, their construction doesn't compromise on durability. Get ready for long-lasting warmth through numerous winters.
  6. One Year Warranty: We stand by our products. Tooqun diesel heaters come with a one-year warranty, covering you against manufacturing defects and ensuring your investment is protected.
  7. Easy to Install and Use: Set up your Tooqun heater quickly and start enjoying the heat with minimal fuss. Designed for user-friendly operation, making it accessible for everyone.
  8. Efficient Heating Solution: Maximize your comfort with a heater that spreads warmth efficiently across your space. Tooqun heaters are designed to offer effective heating, making every corner cozy.
  9. Ideal for Budget-Conscious Users: Perfect for those who need an economical heating solution without sacrificing quality. Tooqun heaters provide the warmth you need at a price that's easy on your wallet.
  10. Reliable Performance in Cold Climates: Engineered to perform in cold environments, Tooqun diesel heaters ensure you remain warm even when temperatures drop significantly outside.

How to Install Diesel Heater

As with other brands of heaters from Good Auto Parts, all you need to do is install the heater according to our installation notes and the Tooqun heater will work perfectly.

How to Install Diesel Heater


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