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Diesel Heater Parts

Vvkb Diesel Heater Parts Highlights

Over the past eight years, we've seen a flood of low-cost diesel heaters entering the market. While these products might seem appealing due to their initial low prices, they often lead to ongoing maintenance costs and inconvenience due to poor component quality that necessitates frequent replacements. Even more problematic is that many retailers fail to provide the necessary spare parts or effective customer service when issues arise.

This is precisely why Vvkb Heaters is committed to providing a high standard and comprehensive support for spare parts. We offer more than just parts; we promise sustained performance and reliability. Our inventory includes everything from Kyocera glow plugs to heavy-duty exhaust clamps, as well as kits designed specifically for marine applications, flexible exhaust pipes, and stainless steel mounting plates to ensure compatibility and performance enhancement for any brand of heater.

Choosing Vvkb parts brings you several advantages:

  1. Durability: All our parts are rigorously tested to ensure reliable operation in various environments over the long term.
  2. Universal Compatibility: Our high-quality parts are designed to be compatible with all major brands of diesel heaters, providing a one-stop solution.
  3. Expert Support: Our technical support team is always on standby to assist you with installation or maintenance.
  4. Enhanced Efficiency: Using premium parts not only extends the lifespan of your heaters but also improves their overall performance and efficiency.

Invest in quality for reliable warmth. Vvkb Heaters and accessories are your dependable choice.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Parts Video Gallery

Diesel Heater Glow Pin

The glow pin is a crucial component of diesel heaters, determining whether the heater can successfully ignite in low temperatures. Only a genuine Kyocera glow pin can avoid power degradation issues in cold conditions, ensuring the heater starts normally in low temperatures.

Diesel Heater Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is another important component of diesel heaters, as it determines the fuel consumption and noise level of the heater while it's operating. Using a reliable quality fuel pump greatly reduces the likelihood of malfunctions.

Diesel Heater Cable

The fire resistance of diesel heater cables is an important factor in the safety of the heater, only high temperature resistant cables and protective covers will allow the heater to operate safely.

Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipe of a diesel heater is another critical factor in determining the noise level of the heater. Flexible exhaust pipes not only make installation easier, but their spiral structure also partially cancels out the sound waves when noise from diesel combustion exits through the heater's exhaust port. Therefore, flexible exhaust pipes can reduce the operating noise of the heater.

Diesel Heater Heavy Duty Clamps

Some users of more affordable heaters may find that their heater's exhaust pipes get lost during vehicle operation. Heavy-duty exhaust pipe clamps can securely fix the exhaust pipe to the exhaust port, preventing it from getting lost.

Diesel Heater Fuel Tank Standpipe

High-quality fuel tank standpipe provide reliable fuel delivery to diesel heaters, ensuring an even combustion flame. This helps reduce the noise produced during diesel combustion.

Diesel Heater Exhaust Skin Fitting

The Diesel heater exhaust skin fitting is an important accessory for marine heaters that makes installing a marine heater easier by eliminating direct contact of the hot exhaust pipe with the hull of the boat.

Diesel heater overheat sensor

This video provides an in-depth look at the temperature sensors in Vvkb heaters. Featuring high-quality temperature sensors, these heaters are designed to precisely control temperature, ensuring they operate within a safe temperature range without any safety issues.

Diesel Heater Hot Air Ducting

This video details the components of Vvkb diesel heater hot air ducts, highlighting how Vvkb ensures perfection in both critical and less critical parts.


Vvkb diesel heater which accessories are compatible with other brands of heaters?

Vvkb glow pin, glow pin strainer, fuel pump, ultra quiet fuel pump, heavy duty exhaust clamps, marine kit, flexible exhaust and stainless steel mounting plate, exhaust muffler, hot air outlet duct, combustion air inlet duct, fuel tank, stainless steel combustion chamber, aluminum sealing gaskets and more.

How does an engine block heater work?

It is usually plugged into a household AC power outlet, with an electric heating element, directly heating the engine block or engine coolant, and then through the built-in water pump, the heated coolant to the engine block.

What makes Vvkb heater accessories reliable?

All Vvkb fittings are made with quality components and superb manufacturing processes that are rigorously tested to ensure they meet high standards of durability and performance.

Can I replace the heater parts myself?

You can replace any accessory, and if you don't know how to remove the heater, you can visit our YouTube channel: @heaters

Where can I purchase Vvkb diesel heater accessories?

Our accessories are available on our website, through authorized retailers, and at various online marketplaces.

Do Vvkb accessories come with a warranty?

Yes, we offer a 6 month warranty on all parts, that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

How can I extend the lifespan of my diesel heater using Vvkb accessories?

Using high-quality accessories like those from Vvkb can help enhance your heater's efficiency and durability, thereby extending its lifespan.

What should I do if I have issues with a Vvkb accessory?

Contact our customer service team immediately for support. We can provide troubleshooting assistance or warranty service.

Are there any safety concerns with using aftermarket accessories like Vvkb's?

No, our accessories are designed and tested to meet safety standards and ensure secure operation when used as directed.

How often should I replace my diesel heater accessories?

Usually only glow pin and glow pin filters need to be replaced once every 2-3 years. Other accessories basically don't need to be replaced for 5-8 years if they are of reliable quality.

Can Vvkb accessories improve the performance of older diesel heaters?

Yes, upgrading to high-quality accessories can help improve the performance and efficiency of older heaters.

What is the best way to maintain my Vvkb accessories?

Regular cleaning and inspection as detailed in our maintenance guides will help keep your Vvkb accessories in top condition.

Are there any discounts available for bulk purchases of Vvkb accessories?

We offer discounts for bulk purchases through our commercial sales department. Contact us directly for more information.

How long after I submit my order will I receive my parts?

We will send you the parts within three days of receiving your order. After sending the goods, about 7-12 days, you will receive them.

Can I use Vvkb accessories on marine diesel heaters?

Yes, we offer specific marine kits and accessories that are suitable for marine applications.

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