Vvkb diesel heater 2.5KW/5KW air caravan heater with LCD controller and remote and free shipping

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VVKB Diesel Heater 















380MM X 140MM X 138MM  15IN X 5.5IN X 5.43IN













Brand Name: VVKB
Lifetime: 8-10 years
Rated Power: 5000W
Size:    380mm*140mm*138mm
Certification:  CE;ROHS;FCC E-mark
Weight: 9.6kg

Working Temperature:-40℃~+20℃


VVKB Diesel Heater data:

Technical Data Apollo-V2 

Heat Output (KW/BTU)

Fuel Consumption (L/hr/ Gal/hr)

Electrical Consumption at 12V (amps)

Input power(W)




2.2 26.1




1.93 23.1




1.57 18.8




0.93 11.2




0.77  9.2
00/00 0.00/0.00 0.00 0.0

The market now is filled with all kinds of diesel heaters from different brands.They are available on eBay, Alibaba, Amazon and many other retail websites. Even though many of them have very similar appearance, they still differ a lot in quality.


So here comes the question, how can we tell if the supplier can provide us with a good-quality heater? How can we make sure our money is not wasted? I will set VVKB diesel heater as an example.

Here is a list of things that VVKB applies to the heater to make sure customers won’t be disappointed(readers can absolutely use the points below when you try to buy heaters from other suppliers)

It is very important to make sure the plastic case is toxin-free. Otherwise, you will have a lot to suffer from toxic gas when the heater gets real hot, and you body will definitely be damaged after using those unqualified heaters for a long time. VVKB heater’s case has RoHS certification which means it’s environmentally friendly. You can safely use it and enjoy the warmth.

The radiator on VVKB heater is made of A380 die-cast aluminum alloy which is the best material for radiation. With 1000 tons of pressure applied by machine, the radiator has a very compact structure without any die casting holes. Remember it is very dangerous if there are little holes as the exhaust may directly come out from those holes instead of exhaust pipe. It’s not safe.

VVKB provides both brush motors and brushless ones. The brushless motor is more safe and quiet and it has a longer working life, but the price is higher, too.

The combustion cylinder on VVKB heater is made of 2025 stainless steel. It can stand a temperature higher than 1000℃(1832℉) without getting any deformation.

Most heaters in the market are equipped with most common Made-in-China glow pins, while VVKB import glow pins from Kyocera. It’s very important to make sure the glow pin is good, because it decides whether a heater can ignite well or not.

Heaters from VVKB will go through balance test before shipment. Put a cup of water on a running heater, and you can hardly see the ripple! How amazing is that! Also VVKB makes sure the working sound is lower than 50 decibels.

Customers can choose 4 meter or 6 meter for the exhaust pipe. Caravan owners might need a 6m exhaust pipe. Well I think it’s important to have more options for customers, so that they can choose the best for themselves.

All plugs are water-proof. Basic requirement.

There is an air intake filter as well as exhaust silencer in the package. They are used to kill the noise. If any suppliers doesn’t provide these two things, don’t think about going further with them.

VVKB provides an exhaust pipe which is easy to bend and install. The spiral structure is very helpful to kill the noise.

Apart from a 60mm exhaust pipe, VVKB also has an extra 20mm one in the package. That can definitely show you VVKB is working real herd to provide customers a quiet environment. Also, if you need a longer exhaust pipe, e.g. 2 meter, just tell the salesman.

There are several control panels to choose with VVKB heater. Some are very simple and some are installed with many functions. Remote is available, too.

VVKB provides detailed error solutions. They’ve shared those in our blogs and YouTube Channel. They are easy to find. But, as long as you are installing the heater right, you won’t get any problems.

The connecting plug is small, so you just need to drill a little hole to put through the wires. No one wants big holes on their vehicles.

Ask the supply if their factory has passed IOS9001 standard. It’s important to product’s quality. VVKB has passed that.

Ask for the certification that the heater has. VVKB has acquired CE, RoHS, FCC and E-Mark.

With 16 points listed above, all I want to say is you need to be sharp to buy a good heater. No matter you are buying from VVKB or other suppliers, compare them and ask sellers questions you want to ask. See which one is better.

Well actually I’m from VVKB and I’ve a lot of confidence in our heater. We are committed to providing quality and easy-to-install heaters. If you have any suggestion, you can send a email to us at info@vvkb.com. We will take it seriously as we always do.


Package List of 5KW diesel heater

Fuel pump 1 Sealed gasket 1
Hot air outlet pipe Φ75mm  80cm Clamp Φ60~80   2pcs
Burning air intake pipe Φ25mm  80cm Mini clamp Φ9~11    12pcs
Combustion exhausted pipe 60cm Holder for exhaust pipe 
and air-in pipe
Air vent case 1 Nut Φ6   4pcs
Oil pump bracket 1 Safety plate 2
Intake muffler 1 Self-tapping screw 9
Fuel filter 1 Screw Φ6  L34  4pcs
Cable 1 Heater mount plate 1
Fuel pipe 4m Clamp for exhaust pipe 1
Rubber hose 20cm Clamp for air-in pipe 1
Air outlet 1 Exhausted silencer 1
Fuel tank 10L 1

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