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VVKB Diesel Filter Heater Zues-F1 12V / 24V 75W for Truck RV Tractor and Car

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    Benefits of Vvkb Fuel Filter Heater

    1. Anti-Freeze Function: The Vvkb fuel filter heater maintains the temperature of the fuel filter and water separator above freezing, ensuring that fuel flows unimpeded.
    2. Plug-and-Play Design: Our heater features a simple and easy-to-install design that fits most existing fuel systems without the need for complex modifications.
    3. Energy Efficient: The heater is designed for energy efficiency, using minimal electrical output to generate maximum heat efficiency, helping to save energy and costs for users.
    4. Durability: Made from high-quality materials, it is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, enhancing the lifespan of the heater.
    5. Enhanced Startup Reliability: On cold mornings, ensure your vehicle starts reliably without the worry of fuel system freeze-ups.
    6. Low Maintenance Costs: Reduces the long-term maintenance and replacement costs by preventing damage to the filter and separator due to freezing.
    7. Strong Environmental Adaptability: Designed to withstand extreme conditions, whether in wet, cold rainy seasons or dry, cold winters.
    8. Improved Vehicle Performance: By keeping the fuel clean and flowing, it improves overall fuel efficiency and optimizes vehicle performance.
    9. Customer Support: Vvkb provides comprehensive installation guides and round-the-clock customer support to maximize the benefits and user experience of the heater.

    Fuel Filter Heater Data

    Brand  Vvkb
    Model Zeus-F1
    Authenticate CE; RoHS; FCC
    Housing Material Plastic
    Rate Voltage 12V/24V
    Rate Power 75W
    Life of Heating Element 8000h
    Applicable Size 78mm-91mm(3in-3.58in)
    Weight 0.3KGS
    wARRANTY One Year


    The Challenges of Diesel Engine Fuel Systems in Winter

    In winter, diesel fuel systems can face significant challenges due to the presence of impurities and water molecules in the diesel. Before entering the combustion chamber, the fuel must pass through a fuel filter and a fuel-water separator to filter out impurities and remove excess water. The filters and separators often contain paper elements that absorb water. When temperatures drop below 0°C, the water absorbed by the filter paper and within the fuel-water separator can freeze, leading to ice formation. This ice can cause the fuel filter and water separator to malfunction, potentially preventing the engine from starting properly. To counteract this, fuel filter heaters are installed on the exterior of fuel filters or fuel-water separators. By heating these components, the heaters prevent ice formation and ensure normal fuel flow, even in freezing conditions.

    Fuel System

    Diesel Engine Fuel System Schematic

    This image displays a schematic diagram of a diesel engine fuel system. The installation position of the Vvkb fuel heater is marked on the image, which helps you understand how the Vvkb fuel heater works.

    Vvkb Fuel Filter Heater

    Vvkb Fuel Filter Heater

    The Vvkb Fuel Filter Heater Zeus-F1 is suitable for fuel filters ranging from 78mm to 91mm. It is installed on the outside of the filter and heats the filter casing through a heating element, with an output power of 75W.

    Fuel Filter Heater

    Stainless Steel Fuel Filter Heaters

    We also offer stainless steel fuel filter heaters in different diameters and heights, which are suitable for all sizes of fuel filters.

    Filter Heater Disk

    Vvkb Filter Heater Disk

    The Filter Heater Disk is a type of heater installed in the middle of the fuel filter. Unlike traditional fuel filter heaters that heat the filter casing, this device heats the fuel entering the filter. It brings the fuel to a sufficient temperature to ensure complete atomization, even in low temperatures. This allows the fuel to be effectively vaporized, ensuring smoother engine performance and startup in cold conditions.

    Vvkb Filter Heater Disk

    Filter Heater Disk

    This is another version of the Filter Heater Disk, which comes with an attached wire for user convenience. It operates on the same principle as the wire-free version of the Filter Heater Disk, achieving identical performance and effectiveness.

    Oil-water Separator Transparent Cup with Heat

    Oil-water Separator Transparent Cup with Heat

    The image shows an oil-water separator cup equipped with a heating element. This design prevents ice formation inside the oil-water separator, thereby eliminating damage to the separator due to freezing.

    Oil-water Separator Cover with Heating Function

    Oil-water Separator Cover with Heating Function

    The image depicts an oil-water separator cap equipped with a heating function. The cap features a heating element that can heat the entire liquid content inside the oil-water separator.


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