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Heating Value of Diesel Fuel

Diesel is mostly applied to the diesel engines of vehicles like trucks and boats. Compared with gasoline, diesel has higher energy density and lower fuel consumption rate. And that’s why more and more cars, or even some with high performance, are using diesel instead of gasoline.

There are five qualities of diesel: Good evaporation and atomization; good low-temperature liquidity; good combustibility; good stability, anti-corrosion and low-abrasiveness

It‘’s very economical to use diesel. You can save a lot of money on fuel and the upkeep cost on diesel vehicle is lower. 

Compared with gasoline, diesel is less volatile and has higher ignition point. It’s safer and more stable to use diesel.

It’s more environmentally friendly to use diesel. The greenhouse effect generated by diesel engine is lower then that generated by gasoline engine. Diesel engine also produces less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon. With the development of technology, the emission has reached EU-III and EU-IV standard. 

With more reliability than gasoline engine, diesel engine doesn’t need a ignition system and it has a simpler fuel-supply system, too. It’s not easy for diesel cars to stall. With compression ignition principle, diesel car won’t consume much energy, but it can produce high thermal efficiency. 

Diesel engine has longer service life, and the parts are not easy to age.

From all advantages we mentioned above, we can see why diesel is becoming increasingly popular with people.

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