Instructions on LCD Control Panel

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Instructions on LCD Control Panel

The control panel consists of 1 LCD, 6 buttons and 2 LED indicators. Please check below:

 LCD controller

  • Buttons: K1(power), K2(mode), K3(auto), K4(up), K5(down), K6(time)
  • LED1: Bi-color indicator, red is alarm and blue is ventilation
  • LED2: Green is heating
  • LCD: P1(ventilation sign), P2(heating sign), P3(auto mode sign)
  • LCD: T1(current temperature), T2(setting temperature)
  • LCD: L1(gears), T3(timing)

1.Instructions on Operation:

1). Power-On:

Press K1 for 2 seconds until buzzer beeps. Then LCD illuminates and T1 shows the current temperature.

2). Power-Off:

  • Normal Shutdown: press K1 for 2 seconds until buzzer beeps. The system is ready to shut down now. If the fuel pump is still working, the system will enter into clean mode (LED2 flickers twice quickly) and shut down when the mode is over; if the internal combustion temperature is over safety level , the system will enter into cooling mode first and shut down when it’s over; the system shuts down directly otherwise.
  • Forced Shutdown: the system can be forcibly shut down if users press K1 for 15 seconds.
  • Alarm Shutdown: if alarm occurs, press K1 for 5 seconds and the alarm will be turned off (LED1 still works).
3). Modes Display and Switch:
  • The  system  will  first  enter  into  standby  mode  when it’s  turned  on  (No  P1,  P2  or operation of fan yet). T1 shows current temperature, T2 shows setting temperature and L1 shows current gear.
  • In standby mode, press K1 and the system will enter into ventilation mode. The fan speed is based on the gear setting. P1 shows fan running animation and LED1 stays blue.
  • In ventilation mode, press K2 and the system will enter into heating mode. P2 shows heating animation and LED1 goes out. LED2 (green) changes according to heating process.
  • In ventilation mode, press K1 and the system will go back to standby mode. The fan stops running, P1 disappears and LED1 (blue) goes out.
  • In heating mode, press K2 and the system will go back to ventilation mode. If the fuel pump is still working, the system will first enter into clean mode, and then ventilation one.
4). Gears Adjustment and Display:
  • While not in auto mode, press K4 to gear up (5 gears maximum and L1 will show five bars); Press K5 to gear down (1 gear minimum and L1 will show one bar).
  • In auto mode, gears adjustment is not allowed..
5). Auto Mode:
  • Press K3 to start or stop auto mode.
  • In auto mode, P3 shows “AUTO”, and the system adjusts gears according to the difference between setting temperature and current temperature.
  • In auto mode, press K4 to increase setting temperature (T2). Add by 0.5℃. Max: 30℃.
  • In auto mode, press K5 to lower setting temperature (T2). Drop by 0.5℃. Min: 10℃.

6). LED Indicators:

  • LED1 stays blue: ventilation mode;
  • LED2 stays green: heating mode (only before the operation of fuel pump); 
  • LED1 stays red: alarm occurs, and a fault code appears at T2;
  • LED2 flickers (quickly): the internal temperature of heater is over safety level (cooling mode starts);
  • LED2 flickers (slowly): heating mode (fuel pump starts to work)
  • LED2 flickers twice (quickly): clean mode;
  • LED2 flickers once: second start-up mode;
7). Timing:
  • In standby mode, press K6 to set a fixed time. Press K4 or K5 to adjust “Hours” (hour part flickers at T3). Press K6 again, and then press K4 or K5 to adjust “Minutes” (minute part flickers at T3). Now press K6 again and the system will start to count down. When T3 turns 00:00, the system will enter into heating mode.
  • In heating mode, press K6 to set a fixed time to stop heating (method same as above). When T3 turns 00:00, the system will go back to standby mode.
  • In any mode, if users set T3 at 00:00, the timing will be canceled.
8). Fault Code Display:

When fault occurs, the code will appear at T2. Please refer to fault code list for reasons and solutions.

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