Self-check with some error of diesel heater Apollo-V1/ Apollo-V2

Posted by Sunny Wong on

  1. Abnormal Noise: Check the Combustion Chamber and the gap of the turbine, also have a reason about uneven distribution of cotton combustion

  2. Error code E01 / E02: check the sensor

  3. Error code E03 / E04: the oil output of the pump is too big or too small

  4. Error code E12 / E13: check that the motor or the motor assembly or the fan is jammed

  5. Error code E16: the wiring problem, or the panel burned

  6. Error code E19:

  • Ignition plug aging

  • Combustion chamber deposited with Carbon   

  • The power of ignition plug is too large

  • Air intake is blocked

  • The oil pump or oil pipes blocked (smelly and black smoky)

  • The plug of pump is faulty.

         7. Why the heater will cause carbon deposition?

    • The turbine gap becomes larger

    • The oil output of the pump is too large

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