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From Cold Starts to Cozy Rides

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What You Need To Know About RV Heaters

RVs are moving homes for the people who like a bit of adventure in their lives. They give you the freedom of a road trip and make you forget about any stresses. You don’t have a schedule or any time constraints to follow. The only thing that separates you and nature is the wheel.

While spring and summers seem like the only time to enjoy this bliss, the truth is winters can be just as much fun. Even then, many people put their campers away for the winter. It makes sense if you’re someone who is not a fan of the cold weather. But if you’re an adventurer, winter camping with an efficient RV heater blasting the cold is very much possible. 

A good RV Heating system will keep you warm and will never let you miss out on the snowy wandering adventure that winter promises. With many types available, you only need to make the best choice for your RV.

If you’re a first-time buyer or even if someone who wants a little guidance, this article will tell you everything you need to know about an RV Heater.

What is an RV Heater?

An RV Heater is a heating unit that is set up in a vehicle to warm up the interior. It is the unit that will let you enjoy the wilderness of the outside in the blistering cold, from the comfort of your motorhome. 


The heaters differ from each other based on how they transfer heat and which fuel they burn. There are many types available in the market that consumers can choose from.


While the working mechanisms may differ, a good RV will stand apart from the competition if:


  • It works efficiently
  • Gives instantaneous heating
  • Requires little maintenance
  • It is compatible with the RV system
  • Maintains an optimal temperature of the interior


Benefits of using an RV Heater

RVs have very little insulation, which means you will suffer if it's really cold outside. So a good heating unit is a must-have to help you in winters. The RV heaters have tons of benefits like:

Warming up the Motorhome

RV heaters are your perfect heating solution to get you through winter. They will meet your wanderlust even in the most extreme temperatures. These heaters will maintain a warm and comfortable environment inside the RV and keep it consistent.

They are Energy Efficient

While the heaters give a powerful output, they are made with excellent components that deliver energy efficiency. With a low fuel consumption, the heater will give you a great output. This will also ease your burden of stressing over spending too much on re-fueling.


The heaters are made of robust materials that will not only stand the test of time but also the extreme outdoor climate. Durable, lightweight, and compact, the longevity of these heaters is truly unmatched.

Safe to use

Every piece is tested to ensure that it follows the top quality standards. This ensures that the heating unit is safe and reliable to use. The safety allows the RV heaters to run through the night which means a toasty sleep even with a storm blazing outside.

They are good for your RV

Extreme cold and moisture accumulation can damage parts of your RV, especially the engine. An efficient RV heater will not only prevent this from happening but also boost the longevity of your vehicle.

The different types of Heat Transfer

Usually, a heater will transfer heat using either water or air. Let’s go into a bit of detail here…    

Air heating


Air heating is when the air is warmed up through the burner or any other heating element. This is a direct process which means that the air is directly in contact with the burner. These types are quite common and can operate using a variety of fuel types.

Water heating 

As the name suggests, the heaters use water to transport the heat and use a water circulatory system. The burners warm up the water which transfers its heat via air using a heat exchanger. Then a unit transfers this heat to the rest of the interior.  The principle of operation of a central heating system works similarly.


Energy Types for RV Heaters

Another difference in the way an RV Heater operates is the energy type it consumes. These are important factors to consider when you’re choosing a heater for your RV.  Usually, RV heaters run on either gas, diesel, or electricity. It is always a good idea to choose the ones that are best compatible with your RV. Trust me it will save you loads of trouble.

Gas Heaters

This is the most common fuel type. The reason why it’s very popular is that you can use gas for cooking and running the fridge. These types can be available as both air and water heaters. They come in the free-standing types and even with air outlets.

The heating output will depend on many factors. Some of them are:


  • How large is your motorhome?
  • How much and what is the quality of the insulation in the interior.
  • When and where you want to travel.


For small vehicles, usually, gas heaters with a 2000 Watts to 5000 Watts output are enough. It is even good for a medium-sized vehicle.

Diesel Heater

If your RV runs on diesel, this fuel type is the best option for you. The heater uses the same fuel tank that the RV is equipped with to heat up the interior. This way filling up the fuel is a breeze which you can do at every service station.


With an efficient fuel consumption, only 110 milliliters of diesel is consumed with an output of 1000 Watts. If your RV has a combination of appliances, the heater can warm up the water too.

Electric Heater

Ideally suited for the spring and summer you can use the mains for the electricity. The electric heaters are great for areas that have a flat rate of electric charge. There are many benefits of using these heaters, such as:


  • They have a compact size and have easy installation features.
  • They use fans and air ducts to distribute heat.
  • They use a clean energy source which is great for the environment.


While the electric heaters give a good output of heat, in extreme winters, it is not enough. You will need to use it in combination with another heating unit.

Factors to consider

When choosing an RV heater for your motorhome, there are many factors that you must consider for a good investment. While there are many good choices, consider those that suit you and your RV best. We have listed some of these factors to make the process easier.


Heat Capacity

If you want a cozy interior with the right temperature, the heating capacity should match the size of your RV. This is one of the most fundamental features to look out for. Instead of the size of the heater, consider its output capacity.

We suggest going through the manufacturer's recommendations for the best considerations. They list the heating per square footage of the space you’re trying to heat.

It is also better to choose a type that has more heating output than you require. This will help you warm up the interior while the heater is only at a low setting. 

Fuel type

Many heating units come with a different power source to heat with. The best option is always to go for a type that is suitable for the RV.


Usually, RV heaters use diesel or gas to operate. This is a cost-effective, and efficient solution and will let you refuel easily.


If you’re choosing a fuel type that is different from the one the RV uses then you will need a separate fuel tank for the heater.


The Rated voltage

Look out for the rated voltage of the heater because it is an indicator of its output. Many different models will come with a different voltage that helps in running various applications. Choose the one that suits your needs.

The Size

Imagine the sheer pain of doing all the hard work that comes with buying a heating unit, only to find out that it doesn’t fit in your RV. Before you get one, ensure that the dimensions of the heater are exactly what you need in your RV.

Check the quality

A good quality RV Heater will meet all the industry's top regulatory standards. This ensures that the unit is safe and reliable for use. This quality check also tests if the unit is free from fire hazards and other running risks. Ensure that the heater is FCC, RoHS, CE, and TUV compliant.

Get one from a reliable source

There are many heaters available for sale that come from various manufacturers. A good quality heater will always come from a reliable source. So do your homework before making a choice. Reliable manufacturers offer great services when you buy from them.


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