Vvkb 12V Marine Heater Diesel Heater for Boat

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Heater purchase and installation considerations:

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  • Please make sure to carefully read the Installation Precautions page before setting up your heater. This will help ensure your heater functions perfectly.


Victor Industries Ltd. has 26 years of heater production experience.
Vvkb heaters are welcomed by distributors and users all over the world.

  • The Vvkb diesel heater is rated at 12V and has a heat output of 8500BTU - 16000 BTU per hour.
  • Compared to other brands of heaters, our heaters consume 7%-10% less fuel on average.
  • The heater works 12%-21% quieter.
  • Each set of our heaters undergoes rigorous testing before leaving the factory. To make sure the heater can work perfectly.
  • No matter what questions you have while using the heater, you will get our help. Yes, using a Vvkb heater is very hassle-free.
  • Over the past 19 years, more than 5 million customers have used Vvkb diesel water heaters to provide hot coolant to the engine of their vehicles.
  • The factories we work with include: Paccar, Daimler Trucks, Hummer Military Vehicles, Volvo, etc.
  • And the quality of our products has been well received by them. We believe you will also be very satisfied with the quality of our products

Vvkb E-mark Certificate

Vvkb Marine Heater Apollo-MV2 Data

Model Apollo-MV2
Working Voltage 9V-16V/18V-32V
Input Power ≤ 26W
Electrical Consumption at 12V ≤ 2.2 Amps
Electrical Consumption at 24V ≤ 1.1 Amps
Output Heat 16000BUT
Output Power 5000W
Dimensions(mm) 380 X 140 X 138
Dimensions(in) 15 X 5.5 X 5.4
Weight 10.6KGS/20.3Ib
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Consumption ≤ 0.475L/H/ ≤ 0.5Qt/H
Housing Material Fire-resistant Nylon


Vvkb Marine Heater Apollo-MV2 Detailed Introduction

There are many different types of diesel air heaters on the market. However, marine heaters are rarely seen.
Because marine heaters are different from ordinary diesel heaters.
Marine heaters need to use stainless steel as the mounting plate and marine exhaust pipe skin.

The Vvkb marine heater is equipped with an L-shaped stainless steel mounting plate. With stainless steel marine exhaust pipe skin.
We have also prepared a 1.5 m (4.9 ft) long spiral exhaust pipe for you. Combined with the exhaust pipe skin, you can easily install the marine heater.
The spiral exhaust pipe also has a certain muffling effect.

The length of our standard hot air outlet pipe is 60 cm (2 feet). If you need a longer hot air outlet, you can also look for it on our retail website.
You may heat more than one room. If you are heating multiple rooms at the same time, you should also need a T-connector.

We will send the heater to you within three days of receiving your order.
You will receive the heater in about seven to twelve days.


After you receive the heater, please read carefully the precautions for installing the diesel heater.
When you pay attention to these details, your heater will work perfectly.