Warmda Diesel Heater 12V/24V 2.5KW/5KW

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  • $689.99

If you think the price of the Warmda diesel heater is beyond your budget.
You can choose the diesel heaters below, which are reasonably priced and reliable.

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Heater purchase and installation considerations:

  • If you're unsure about how to select the best heater, our heater comparison page makes it easy. Visit us and discover how choosing the right heater can be a breeze.
  • Please make sure to carefully read the Installation Precautions page before setting up your heater. This will help ensure your heater functions perfectly.


If you are interested in the sale of diesel heaters, we welcome you to post our products to your website or other retail platforms, and when your customers purchase, we will send you the goods.


  • The Warmda diesel heater is rated at 12V and has a heat output of 8500 BTU - 16000 BTU per hour.
  • Compared to other brands of heaters, our heaters consume 7%-10% less fuel on average.
  • The heater works 12%-21% quieter.
  • Each set of our heaters undergoes rigorous testing before leaving the factory. To make sure the heater can work perfectly.
  • No matter what questions you have while using the heater, you will get our help. Yes, using a Warmda heater is very hassle-free.
  • Over the past 19 years, more than 5 million customers have used Warmda diesel heaters to provide hot air to the cab of their vehicles.
  • The factories we work with include: Paccar, Daimler Trucks, Hummer Military Vehicles, Volvo, etc.
  • And the quality of our products has been well received by them. We believe you will also be very satisfied with the quality of our products

How To Choose The Best Diesel Heater

We believe that you have seen too many kinds of diesel heaters in production, and their prices are very different.

When you see a lot of cheap diesel heaters, you will be very excited.

However, when you see the price of Webasto heaters over $1,500, do you think that such cheap diesel heaters are reliable in quality? !

We have prepared for you a note on what you should know about the selection of diesel heaters:

How To Choose The Best Diesel Heater

Warmda diesel heater installation precautions:

When you are sure to buy a Warmda diesel heater, you may be thinking, I am installing the Warmda diesel heater myself, or ask a professional to install it.

If you have a relatively professional knowledge, you can do it yourself.

You can refer to the video below:



Alternatively, you can also ask your local professional technical staff to help with the installation.

Whether you are installing a diesel heater yourself or asking a professional to help install a diesel heater, you need to read the article in advance:

6 Important Installation Tips You Must Know for Diesel Heater 


Warmda Diesel Heater A1250/A2450 Data:

  • Model: Warmda-A1250; Warmda-A2450;
  • Working voltage: 9V-16V; 18V-32V
  • Output power: 5000W
  • Output heat: 16000 BTU
  • Fuel type: diesel
  • Size: 380MM X 140MM X 138MM (15IN X 5.5IN X 5.43IN)
  • Power consumption: ≤26W
  • Fuel consumption: ≤0.475L / H 0.126 Gal
  • Weight: 5.7KGS /12.57 ib


Warmda Diesel Heater Data


Warmda Diesel Heater A1225/A2425 Data:


  • Model: Warmda-A1225/ Warmda-A2425
  • Working voltage: 9V-16V; 18V-32V
  • Authenticate: CE; ROHS; FCC
  • Fuel type: Diesel fuel
  • Output power: 2500W
  • Output heat: 8200 BTU
  • Power consumption: ≤22W
  • Fuel consumption: 0.252 L / 0.067 Gal
  • Weight: 2.7KGS/ 5.95 ib
  • Size 310mm X 122mm X 115mm ( 12.2 in X 4.8 in  X 4.5 in)

Warmda heater A1225


The Advantages of Warmda Diesel Heater:


The service advantages of Warmda diesel heater's after-sales:


Warmda diesel heater after-sales team will provide you the excellent after-sales service. They will usually reply you within 6 hours if you have any questions.

Warmda diesel heater provides one-year quality warranty. You need to register in our warranty system firstly. During the warranty period, we will provide with accessories and technical support if you have any non-human quality problems.

You can also purchase additional warranty services.


Electrical part and control program for Warmda diesel heaters:

Warmda diesel heater use the advanced CAN communication system to ensure the heater work smoothly and reliably.

The main power cord and communication cable are designed separately, so that the high current intensity during heater’s work does not affect the communication signal.



Warmda diesel heater housing material and heat sink advantages:


The casing of Warmda diesel heater is made of Polyamide 66. This material has the advantages of high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, good thermal stability, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance and high impact resistance.


Nylon 66


Nylon 66

When the heater is working, it will produce very high temperature. Ordinary plastic will release toxic gases when at high temperatures, which will do harm to human health.

The radiator is die-cast from high-quality aluminum ingots, and the radiator details are machined by CNC machine.


Warmda Heater


 Advantages of accessories equipped with Warmda diesel heaters:


The wires of Warmda diesel heater use copper wire that is made of oxygen-free copper rods.

The outer layer is plastic which is high temperature resistant. The wire protector sheath is also high temperature resistant and flame retardant.


Warmda Heater wire

Warmda diesel heater connector plug hasIP44 waterproof rating.


Warmda diesel heater is equipped with two flexible exhaust pipes.


With Warmda exhaust muffler, it greatly reduces the heater's working noise.



Warmda diesel heater has a combustion exhaust muffler with a good sound-absorbing effect.

We have also prepared an air intake muffler with good noise reduction.

Warmda diesel heater contains the heavy-duty exhaust pipe clamps. The clamps can fix the exhaust pipe properly and can prevent combustion fumes from entering the cab. The unique design of this clamps allows users to install easily with one hand.



Warmda's hot air ducting has a spiral structure that you can flex it freely. If you need longer pipes, you can order directly and we can customize for you.


We also have equipped the air outlet with a high quality air vent. It is extruded from nylon 66 plastic.


So it can withstand the high temperature from the hot air outlet. Meanwhile, it will not produce any toxic gases which will affect the human health.


Warmda diesel heater can work well under the high altitude of 3000 meters with out any extra adjustment, due to the accurate automatic fuel and fan speed ratio. This requires sufficient practical experience from the Warmda tech team.

Warmda diesel heater is a complete unit including all installation accessories.You can easily install the heater with our installation video on Youtube after getting the tools ready. However, before installing, please firstly check the precautions for installing the diesel heater.

Warmda diesel heaters can be used in ( of course not limited to) the following locations:




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