ATV Block Heater

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Brand Vvkb
Model Titan-P1
Rated Voltage 110V/230V
Rated Power 1000W
Rated Frequency 60Hz/50Hz
Heating Method Electric Heating Tube
Heat Convection Method Forced Circulation; Built-in Water Pump
Number of Thermostats Two
Max. Temperature 65℃/149℉
Plug Style USA; Europe; Australia
Length of Connection Cable 1m/3.3ft.
Models Used ATV; UTV
Advantages The compact shape does not take up space.
Certification TUV; CE; RoHS; FCC
Warranty One Year


Real Stories, Real Results: 

Case Studies

Case Study 1: John, an ATV enthusiast from Canada, struggled with engine starts during harsh winters. After switching to Vvkb, not only did his ATV start seamlessly, but he also reported a 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

Case Study 2: Sarah, a fleet manager in Alaska, equipped her entire fleet with Vvkb heaters. The result? A drastic decrease in maintenance calls and improved vehicle longevity.


Client Testimonials:


"With Vvkb engine block heater, winter worries are a thing of the past. My ATV starts flawlessly, every time!"
— Alex Thompson

"Investing in Vvkb engine block heater was the best decision for my trucking business. The fuel savings alone have been phenomenal!"
— Maria Gonzalez

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Vvkb ATV Engine Heater Titan P1 External Dimensional Drawing


Vvkb ATV block heater inlet and outlet schematic


Vvkb ATV Engine Heater Titan P1 3D Structural Drawing


Vvkb ATV Engine Block Heater-Titan-P1-Installation-Diagram


Engine block heater heating effect



Precautions for ATV block heater use.

  • Ensure there's no trapped air inside the heater or the coolant hose during installation.
  • Always position the heater 10-20 cm (4" to 8") below the engine coolant level.

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