Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe

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The advantages of VVKB diesel heater exhaust pipe:

  • Vvkb exhaust pipe is very flexible to use.
  • Low working noise.
  • Vvkb diesel heater exhaust pipe is made of 304 stainless steel. So it will not rust.
  • Vvkb diesel heater exhaust pipe can be customized into any length.
  • Vvkb diesel heater exhaust pipe can be compatible with all brands of heaters. 



In order to reduce more working noise from VVKB diesel heater, Vvkb exhaust pipe is spiral-shaped that can counteract the diffusion of the sound wave, so that most of the noise emitted by the heater can be spiraled. The exhaust pipe is eliminated.


The spiral exhaust pipe is made of two stainless steel pieces through a special machine, which makes the Vvkb diesel heater exhaust pipe have good bending performance, and good bending performance can be easily operated by the user.


In order to increase the noise reduction effect, the Vvkb heater provides the user with two exhaust pipes. The user can add a VVKB exhaust muffler in the middle of the two exhaust pipes, which will greatly reduce the working noise of the heater.


The spiral exhaust pipe of the VVKB heater can be customized according to customer's requirements, and the longest length can be customized up to 200 meters.


The VVKB diesel heater exhaust pipe can be used on Webasto heaters, Eberhheat heaters and any other brand of Chinese diesel heaters.


The spiral structure of the VVKB exhaust pipe can be well fixed on the diesel heater without falling off or resonating due to the high-speed operation of the heater motor.




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