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VVKB Diesel Fuel Tank for Webasto Heater VVKB Heater

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The Advantage of VVKB diesel fuel tanks:

  • VVKB diesel fuel tank is available in a variety of materials.
  • VVKB plastic diesel fuel tank is made of three layers of PE material It’s thick and anti-aging.
  • VVKB diesel fuel tank is lockable.
  • VVKB diesel fuel tank has a variety of capacity to choose from.
  • VVKB diesel fuel tank can be used for all brands of diesel heaters.


Introducing our advanced 2023 fuel tank:

Constructed from UV-resistant material, this tank boasts a sleek black finish, specifically designed to prevent UV damage to the diesel fuel within.

Fuel Tank

Atop the tank, a diesel capacity display bar provides a clear view of the fuel content. 


Fuel Tank

For ease of installation, the tank is equipped with eight 6mm diameter mounting holes, ensuring versatile positioning options. 

Fuel Tank


The outlet, strategically located at the tank's base, ensures optimal fuel flow. 

Fuel Tank

Additionally, our fuel tank cap is available in both standard and locking variants, each featuring ventilation holes to prevent vacuum formation inside the tank. 

Fuel Tank


This state-of-the-art fuel tank is ideal for various diesel heaters and serves as an excellent backup fuel reservoir for your vehicle.



VVKB have different diesel fuel tanks varying from plastic, aluminum, iron tanks and stainless steel tanks. There are also different capacities to choose from, including 3L, 5L, 10L, 12L, 15L and 20L.


VVKB plastic diesel fuel tank is made of three-layer PE material. It’s anti-aging and environmental friendly.


All VVKB diesel fuel tanks have locks on the fuel tank cap.


The black VVKB diesel fuel tank can prevent UV radiation and reduce diesel oxidation.


VVKB accepts OEM and ODM for diesel fuel tanks. 


Vvkb Stainless Steel Fuel Tank External Dimensions


Vvkb 10L stainless steel fuel tank external dimensions 


Vvkb 10L stainless steel fuel tank external dimensions


Vvkb 15L stainless steel fuel tank external dimensions

Vvkb 15L stainless steel fuel tank external dimensions

Below is the breakdown of the type and size of the specific fuel tank.


Below is the stainless steel fuel tank:



Stainless steel fuel tank overall shape



Fuel tank outlet



Fuel tank lock



Fuel quantity indicator
Stainless steel tank mounting bracket

Black plastic fuel tank with lock, capacity 10L (2.64 gallons)



The tank has the capacity of 10L (2.64 gallons) and is made of three layers of plastic.  It can prevent the oxidation of diesel oil by ultraviolet rays.



The fuel tank cap has a lock that perfectly protects the fuel.


Black ordinary fuel tank, no lock.




5L(1.32 gallons) white fuel tank




15L( 3.96 gls) plastic fuel tank





  • Item Diameter:50
  • Model Name:VVKB
  • External Testing Certification:CE
  • Item Weight:1.2
  • Color Name:White
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 1.0kg (2.20lb.)
  • Package Size: 41cm x 41cm x 9cm (16.14in x 16.14in x 3.54in)


Benefits of Vvkb Diesel Heater Patrs

  1. Universal Compatibility: Vvkb diesel heater accessories are designed to fit seamlessly with both Vvkb heaters and other leading brands, ensuring you can upgrade or replace parts without compatibility issues.
  2. Enhanced Durability: Each accessory is constructed with high-quality materials that resist wear and tear, ensuring your diesel heater operates at peak efficiency for longer periods.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Upgrade your existing heater with Vvkb accessories to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs, making your heating solution more eco-friendly and economical.
  4. Easy Installation: Vvkb accessories come with user-friendly installation kits that include all necessary components and detailed instructions, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.
  5. Optimized Performance: Enhance the performance of your diesel heater with our specially designed accessories that promote better fuel combustion and heat distribution.
  6. Cost-Effective Maintenance: Keep your diesel heater in top condition with our affordable maintenance kits, which include filters, igniters, and other essential components to extend the life of your heater.
  7. Comprehensive Warranty: All Vvdbk accessories come with a robust warranty, backed by our commitment to customer service, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.

Vvkb Heater Accessories Show

This video highlights two representative accessories of the Vvkb heater: the fuel pump and the glow pin. The quality of other Vvkb accessories is equally excellent. To make a purchase, please click the link.

Vvkb Fuel Pump

This video shows the comparison between Vvkb fuel pumps and other brands of fuel pumps, you can see the workmanship details and quality of Vvkb heater parts.Vvkb fuel pumps are compatible with other brands of heaters.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Glow Pin

This video demonstrates the use of a Japanese Kyocera glow pin in the Vvkb diesel heater. This authentic Japanese-made glow pin, though more expensive, maintains stable performance even in low temperatures without any power drop issues. You can choose to purchase the Kyocera glow pin to replace standard glow pins, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your heater.


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