VVKB Diesel Fuel Tank for Webasto Heater VVKB Heater

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The Advantage of VVKB diesel fuel tanks:

  • VVKB diesel fuel tank is available in a variety of materials.
  • VVKB plastic diesel fuel tank is made of three layers of PE material It’s thick and anti-aging.
  • VVKB diesel fuel tank is lockable.
  • VVKB diesel fuel tank has a variety of capacity to choose from.
  • VVKB diesel fuel tank can be used for all brands of diesel heaters.




VVKB have different diesel fuel tanks varying from plastic, aluminum, iron tanks and stainless steel tanks. There are also different capacities to choose from, including 3L, 5L, 10L, 12L, 15L and 20L.


VVKB plastic diesel fuel tank is made of three-layer PE material. It’s anti-aging and environmental friendly.


All VVKB diesel fuel tanks have locks on the fuel tank cap.


The black VVKB diesel fuel tank can prevent UV radiation and reduce diesel oxidation.


VVKB accepts OEM and ODM for diesel fuel tanks. 


Below is the breakdown of the type and size of the specific fuel tank.


Below is the stainless steel fuel tank:



Stainless steel fuel tank overall shape



Fuel tank outlet



Fuel tank lock



Fuel quantity indicator
Stainless steel tank mounting bracket

Black plastic fuel tank with lock, capacity 10L (2.64 gallons)



The tank has the capacity of 10L (2.64 gallons) and is made of three layers of plastic.  It can prevent the oxidation of diesel oil by ultraviolet rays.



The fuel tank cap has a lock that perfectly protects the fuel.


Black ordinary fuel tank, no lock.




5L(1.32 gallons) white fuel tank




15L( 3.96 gls) plastic fuel tank





  • Item Diameter:50
  • Model Name:VVKB
  • External Testing Certification:CE
  • Item Weight:1.2
  • Color Name:White
  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 1.0kg (2.20lb.)
  • Package Size: 41cm x 41cm x 9cm (16.14in x 16.14in x 3.54in)

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