VVKB hot air ducting with Parking Heater Webasto Heater Diesel Heater

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The advantages of VVKB diesel heater hot air ducting:


  • VVKB hot air ducting uses aluminum foil as the base material, so it’s heat-insulated. The outer layer is also covered with yellow insulation paper.
  • VVKB hot air ducting has a spiral structure, so it’s flexible, and can be freely stretched.
  • Victor Industries Ltd. can provide with customization services, so we can produce the hot air ducting with any length.
  • VVKB hot air ducting is compatible with all brands of diesel heaters.
  • VVKB hot air ducting is RoHS certificated, so no need to worry about safety issue.





When the diesel heater is working, the hot air temperature can reach 90℃, but the ordinary plastic cannot withstand such high temperature.


When at high temperature, there may be toxic substances that do hram to human bodies.


Since diesel heaters are installed in many different locations on a variety of vehicles or ships, it requires the hot air ducting with different sizes. Therefore, a flexible hot air ducting with variable sizes is very necessary.


For some special heating space such as the ship cabin, there are several rooms that need to be heated. So the hot air ducting need to be customized into any length.


As we all know, there are too many different brands of heaters on the market now. Some diesel heater manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, choose cheap hot air ducting with poor quality that does not meet the standard.


Victor Industries Ltd. values customers’ health and safety, and provide with high-quality hot air ducting.

  • Brand Name:VVKB
  • External Testing Certification:CE
  • Item Weight:0.5
  • Item Width:6
  • Color Name:Black
  • Item Length:64

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