VVKB Fuel pump for Webasto Diesel Heater 12V 24V Air Parking Diesel Truck, Boat, Bus, Caravan

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The advantage of the VVKB fuel pump:


  • VVKB fuel pump can withstand more than 100-hour laboratory salt spray experiments.
  • Use Teflon material for the various joint areas among VVKB fuel pump
  • The fuel pump spring of VVKB diesel heater is made of stainless steel.
  • There is a steel ball check valve inside the fuel pump. It’s made of 440F stainless iron material, and its size accurately reaches to G16.
  • VVKB fuel pump is suitable for all kinds of Chinese parking heater.


The fuel pump is an important part for VVKB diesel heater.

With excellent workmanship and reliable quality, the fuel pump can control the fuel amount precisely, and can make the pumping speed match the rotation speed of the combustion turbine.

In this way, the diesel can be complete burnt.




The outer casing of thefuel pump is made of iron materials.

Usually the fuel pump is exposed to various pollutants, and some pollutants are corrosive.

These pollutants can seriously erode the outer casing.

The puter casing of VVKB fuel pump is specially treated to keep the casing from rusting or oxidizing for 5 years under harsh conditions.


To maintain the accuracy of the fuel pump, all pump components from VVKB diesel heater are machined by CNC machine. It makes the fitting size nearly perfect, so the fuel pump will have the accurate fuel output.


When the fuel pump is working at high speed, the coil will generate a lot of heat. The enamel wire on VVKB fuel pump coil can endure high temperature at 180℃(356℉)


What’s more, VVKB fuel pump is also suitable for Webasto and Eberspaecher ‘s heaters.


  • Brand Name:VVKB
  • Item Type:Heating & Fans
  • Color Name:Silver
  • Item Weight:0.4
  • External Testing Certification:CE
  • Rated Power:2000W ,5000W
  • Rated Voltage:24V

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