VVKB Hydronic Coolant Heater 5KW Liquid Parking Heater for Car Caravan Boat Water Heater

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Product Description

Model number
Working temperature
Net Weight
2.8 KG
1 years
Working life
8-10 years
Item Name
Coolant heater
1 Set


VVKB coolant heater is popular for features like easy-to-install, low fuel consumption and low noise. Customers can use it to heat the engine on trucks(or any other vehicles) and can also use it to heat the water so they can enjoy hot bath in their RV or log cabins.


The glow plugs VVKB uses are made by Kyocera, which makes heater more steady and easy to ignite. And the heater’s combustion chamber is made of 2025 stainless steel. Thanks to its unique design, the fuel can mix with air better, increasing the fuel efficiency and reduce the exhaust emission. What’s more, VVKB uses spiral exhaust pipe which can lower a lot of noise made during emission.


The water pump is made in Germany, it has low noise and long working life. The relays are waterproof relays so it’s safe to use our heaters in poor environment.


VVKB coolant heater is extensively used as it can use both diesel and gasoline as it’s fuel. Customers can also turn the heater on with a control panel or a remote. And the unique program allows the heater to stop automatically when the set temperature is reached.


About the package, VVKB coolant heater is packed with a whole set of installation kit. Customers can easily install it with simple tools.


Coolant heaters can heat cars without external power supply and it does not need to start to idle hot cars in winter.Heaters have its own water pump and oil pump.And they are installed between engine and ceramic heater’s tank.The electricity comes from vehicle battery.Then the oil pump lights after it extract a little fuel from oil tank which atomize in combustion chamber.It heat antifreeze by heater exchange system and circularly output to the engine. Making the engine and warm air blower’s temperature get higher gradually.When the temperature reaches 65 degrees, heaters will automatic stop and the remote will display that you have finished heating.
This kind of heaters can be used in the heating equipment of the car and can not conflict with another devices  


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Coolant heaters are prohibited to start near the gas station or the oil depot and some places where readily forms flammable gas or dust.Even some areas with flammable liquid and solid material is heaped.(Such as fuel,coal and wood chips,dry grass and leaves,paper and cards and so on.) And in the confined space(for example the garage),it can not start the heaters by timer and remote control in time.

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