VVKB Diesel Hot Water System 12V 5KW

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VVKB Diesel Hot Water System: The Ultimate Comfort Solution for RV and Boat Owners

Imagine embarking on a serene journey in your RV or boat, surrounded by nature's beauty, and having the luxury of instant hot water at your fingertips. The Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-DH5 is here to transform this dream into reality.

Why Choose Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System?

The Heart of the System: The Apollo-C1 and Apollo-C3 Heaters

At the core of the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System is the 5KW Vvkb diesel water heater Apollo-C1. For those who require more power, the 12KW Apollo-C3 is available, ensuring that even large caravans and boats have ample hot water supply.

Unparalleled Efficiency and Quiet Operation

With a heat output of 16,000 BTU - 38,000 BTU per hour, the Vvkb system is not just powerful but also efficient. It consumes 7%-10% less fuel than its competitors. Moreover, its operation is whisper-quiet, ensuring that your peaceful retreat remains undisturbed.

Quality You Can Trust

Every Vvkb heater undergoes rigorous testing before it leaves the factory. This commitment to quality has led to collaborations with renowned manufacturers like Paccar, Daimler Trucks, Hummer Military Vehicles, and Volvo. Over the past 27 years, more than 20 million satisfied customers have chosen Vvkb diesel water heaters.

Data of Vvkb diesel hot water system Apollo-DH5

Name  Diesel Hot Water System
Model Apollo-DH5
Working Voltage 9V-16V
Output Heat 16000BTU
Output Power 5KW
Fuel Type Diesel
Working Pressure Max. 2.5 Bar
Dimensions 230 X 165 X 90mm(9 X 6.51 X 3.54in)
Weight 19KGS(42Ibs)
Input Power ≤ 38W
Electrical Consumption at 12V ≤ 3.2 Amps
Fuel Consumption ≤ 0.52Qt/H
Main Functions Heating of water for shower and air in the compartment
Applicable places Caravans, boats


Features That Set Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System Apart

  1. Easy Installation: The Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System is designed with the user in mind. With a complete installation kit provided, setting up is a breeze. The heater is pre-installed on the heat exchange tank, so you only need to connect the water pipe, power supply, and fuel system.

  2. Versatility: Whether you're heating the bedrooms of motorhomes, boats, or trucks, the Vvkb system is adaptable to your needs.

  3. High Thermal Efficiency: The system ensures that every drop of fuel is utilized to its maximum potential, providing you with consistent hot water without burning a hole in your pocket.

  4. CE Certification: Safety and quality are paramount. The Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System comes with a CE certification, ensuring it meets the highest standards.

  5. Replaceable Accessories: Every component of the Vvkb system is replaceable. This means you don't have to replace the entire system if a part wears out.


  Diesel Hot Water System Parts

 A Glimpse into the Vvkb Experience

The diesel hot water system is a marvel of engineering. When the engine is running, the hot coolant from the vehicle or boat's operation passes through the heat exchange system, heating water for domestic use. This heated water is stored in an additional tank, ready for use. When the engine is off, the diesel water heater takes over, ensuring that you always have hot water.

But that's not all. The system also heats the vehicle's cooling system, making engine startups a breeze. The cab heater's radiator uses the hot coolant to warm up the cold air, ensuring a cozy environment inside the vehicle or boat.

For gasoline engine owners, there's good news. The diesel hot water system can also be equipped with a gasoline version of the water heater mainframe.



Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-DH5

Transforming Outdoor Adventures with the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System

For many RV owners, the allure of the open road and the promise of new adventures beckon. But for Mr. John Anderson, a passionate RV enthusiast, there was one thing that always put a damper on his trips: the lack of hot water outdoors. Despite owning a top-of-the-line RV, John often found himself longing for the comfort of a hot shower after a long day of hiking or a warm compartment during chilly nights.

The Challenge:

John's RV was equipped with a basic water heating system, but it was inefficient and often failed to provide hot water when needed the most. The cold showers after tiring treks and the discomfort of a cold RV interior were becoming increasingly unbearable. John knew he needed a solution, but with the myriad of options available in the market, making a choice was daunting.

Diesel Hot Water System Water Circulation Diagram

Diesel Hot Water System Water Circulation Diagram

The Turning Point:

During one of his trips, John met a fellow RV owner who introduced him to the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System. Intrigued by the glowing recommendation, John began his research. He was impressed by the system's efficiency, versatility, and the rave reviews from other users. The slogan, "With Vvkb, warmth is just a switch away," resonated with him.

The Solution:

John decided to invest in the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-DH5. The installation process was seamless, and in no time, John's RV was equipped with a state-of-the-art heating system. The difference was palpable. Not only could he enjoy hot showers after his outdoor activities, but the entire RV compartment was also consistently warm, making his trips more comfortable.

Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-DH5

Diesel Hot Water System Apollo-DH5

Results of using the Vvkb diesel hot water system

The Vvkb system transformed John's RV experience. The heater's efficiency meant that he consumed less fuel, leading to significant savings in the long run. The quiet operation of the system ensured that his peaceful retreats remained undisturbed. Moreover, the multi-functionality of the Vvkb system meant that John could use it for various purposes, from heating the bedrooms to providing shower water.

John's testimonial says it all: "The Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System has been a game-changer for me. No more cold showers or shivering nights. Every RV owner should consider this investment. It's worth every penny."


John's experience with the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System is a testament to the product's efficiency, reliability, and value for money. For RV owners looking to elevate their outdoor experience, the Vvkb system offers a comprehensive solution. As the slogan aptly puts it, "Elevate your RV experience; choose Vvkb."

Don't let the lack of comfort hold you back from fully enjoying your RV adventures. Like John, you too can transform your experience. Dive into the world of warmth and luxury with the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System. Buy now and embrace the future of comfort!

Diesel Hot Water System Application Diagram

Diesel Hot Water System Application Diagram

Join the Vvkb Revolution

RV manufacturing plants, boat manufacturers, RV parts dealers, and boat parts importers have all recognized the superiority of the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System. It's time you experience it too.

Embrace the future of comfort and luxury with the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System. Whether you're on a road trip in your RV or sailing the high seas, Vvkb ensures you're always surrounded by warmth.

Act Now!

Don't let another journey be marred by the lack of hot water. Purchase the Vvkb Diesel Hot Water System now and elevate your RV and boat experience to unparalleled heights. Remember, with Vvkb, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in comfort, luxury, and peace of mind.