VVKB block heater Titan-P2 with pump 110V/230V engine heater

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  • $115.32

VVKB block heater Car heater engine block heater with pump engine heater

  • Model Name:Titan-P2
  • Material Type:Aluminum 
  • External Testing Certification:CE
  • Special Features:With pump
  • Product Certification:CE FCC ROSH
  • The life of heating elements:8000 hours
  • Pump life:5000 hours
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Warranty:1 year
  • The product is very much suitable for small vehicles. Designed with compact structure, it comes with a powerful built-in pump. The horizontal stripe increases the contact area with water, and reduces the pressure on aluminum casing when the magnetic pump operates fast.
    The humanized removable plug, which can be used together with our connecting lines, solves the problem of long-range power supply for our clients.
    The ceramic thermostat installed exhibits a high-quality silver contact which allows precise temperature control. The heating pipe is made from copper to add to the quality of the product. We also worked on the design of the electric part (Teflon wire is chosen) to critically meet the German Standards. This Engine Block Heater is rated at voltage of 110V and is suitable for use, especially in North America.
    We assure our heater is absolutely safe to use. Apart from this, we also provide services like OEM and ODM.

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