Combustion Blower Motor for Vvkb Diesel Heater Warmda Parking Heater

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  • $127.68

The advantages of Vvkb combustion blower motor:

  • No electronic interference with the filter.
  • Long service life with Fuji carbon brush
  • Lowe working noise with NMB ball bearing
  • Made of PPS plastics, the combustion blower can withstand the high temperature of 260℃(500℉)
  • VVKB combustion blower motor passes a multi-time dynamic balance test, so the operation will be stable and smooth.



Vvkb combustion blower motor mainly consists of the motor bracket, the motor, the combustion blower and the cooling fan.


The motor is the core of the whole Vvkb combustion blower motor. The quality of the motor determines the heater’s working noise and the service life of the heater.


The combustion blower is also a very vital component. Only the precise amount of the intake air can the diesel be burnt completely.


Therefore, it will not produce carbon deposits due to lack of the air, or the heat won’t get out of the combustion chamber due to too much oxygen inside.


The motor will generate electromagnetic interference that can affect the normal electronics operation around the heater.


The motor of Vvkb diesel heater is equipped with an anti-interference filter. It can greatly reduce the motor interference issue.


The carbon brush from Vvkb combustion blower motor is very important, determining its service life.


Vvkb diesel heater uses the carbon brush manufactured by Fuji Carbon Manufacturing Co. It’s wear-resistance with longer service life.


With Fuji carbon brush, Vvkb combustion blower motor can continuously run for 3500 hours to 4000 hours without interruption at high speed of 5,500 rpm


The bearing of Vvkb combustion blower motor determines the working noise level.


Vvkb diesel heater selects the NMB ball bearing produced by MinebeaMitsumi INC.


And we use the special machine to inlay the bearing into the motor’s stator.


Therefore, the working noise from the motor bearing is very low.