Diesel Heater Gasket Kits

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Between the heater combustion cartridge and the heat exchanger, a sealing gasket is also required.
The Vvkb diesel heater combustion chamber gaskets use a composite graphite material that makes the gasket resistant to high temperatures and multiple uses.
The gasket has composite paper material as a base material, covered with graphite material on the outside. It effectively seals the gap between the burner and the Heat Exchanger when subjected to external forces.
The graphite material protects the gasket to withstand the high temperature of the burner.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Combustion Chamber Gaskets

Vvkb diesel heater blower gaskets are made of aluminum.
The aluminum material allows the gasket to have a good sealing effect.

Burner gasket kits for the Vvkb diesel heaters are compatible with other diesel heater brands.