Electronic Control Unit

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  • $199.67

  • Working temperature:-40℃~85℃
  • Working voltage:9 V ~ 16V (For 12V model); 19V~31V(For 24V model)
  • CAN communication protocol
  • Able to communicate with the program on the PC. On the PC, the heater operation data recorded by the electronic control unit can be easily seen.
  • Reserve the function of downloading and upgrading the control program directly from our official website.


VVKB diesel air heater PCB board is made of FR-4 board with traditional tin plating process. This has greatly improved the welding reliability.


The VVKB diesel heater electronic control unit uses CAN system as the communication protocol. It is the most advanced communication protocol, mainly for cars. Besides Webasto and Eberspaecher, VVKB is the only company that uses this CAN communication protocol.


The CAN communication protocol from VVKB electronic control unit has high requirements for the main chip. We use a 32-bit microcontroller: STM32F103C8T6, which can withstand the temperature from -40 to 85.


The MOS driver is from EG company. Its output peak drive current can reach 1A and input peak drive current can reach up to 1.2A; The wide voltage input range is from +3V to +30V; It has short circuit or overcurrent protection.


The MOS tube on VVKB electronic control unit is model IRF3205S, IR company. Its voltage is 55V, and it can withstand 110 amps of current.


VVKB electronic control unit uses power chip produced by XLSEMI, with wide 5V to 80V Operation Voltage and maximum 0.4A Output Current. It has high efficiency which reaches up to 85% and its operating junction temperature is from -40 to 125


Transistor on VVKB electronic control unit is selected from Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (JCET). The model includes MJD122, MMBT5401, MMBT5551, etc.


The capacitor on VVKB electronic control unit is from Samsung, while the resistor is from UniOhm.




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