VVKB 2.5KW diesel heater air caravan heater with LCD controller and remote and free shipping

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Brand Name: VVKB
Lifetime: 8-10 years
Rated Power: 2500W
Size:    310mm*115mm*143mm
Certification:  CE;ROHS;FCC
Weight: 7.6kg
Working Temperature:-40℃~+20℃


Package List of 2.5KW diesel heater

Fuel pump 1 Sealed gasket 1
Hot air outlet pipe Φ60mm  80cm Clamp Φ60~80   2pcs
Burning air intake pipe Φ25mm  80cm Mini clamp Φ9~11    12pcs
Combustion exhausted pipe 60cm Holder for exhaust pipe 
and air-in pipe
Air vent case 1 Nut Φ6   4pcs
Oil pump bracket 1 Safety plate 2
Intake muffler 1 Self-tapping screw 9
Fuel filter 1 Screw Φ6  L34  4pcs
Cable 1 Heater mount plate 1
Fuel pipe 4m Clamp for exhaust pipe 1
Rubber hose 20cm Clamp for air-in pipe 1
Air outlet 1 Exhausted silencer 1
Fuel tank 10L 1

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