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VVKB parking heater 2.5KW Diesel Air Heater for caravan boat RVS truck with LCD controller and remote

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Brand Name: VVKB
Lifetime: 8-10 years
Rated Power: 2500W
Size:    310mm*115mm*143mm
Certification:  CE;ROHS;FCC
Weight: 7.6kg
Working Temperature:-40℃~+20℃


The radiator from VVKB parking heater is die-cast from A380 aluminum alloy. The machine has the 1000-ton pressure. This allows the radiator to have a tight and compact structure without any sand holes. In this way, the combustion exhaust won’t enter into the heater, and there is no chance for endangering people's lives.
VVKB parking heater has 15 heatsinks in the radiator, which makes the heater more thermally efficient.

The combustion chamber from VVKB parking heater is made of 2025 stainless steel. It can withstand temperatures exceeding 1000 ℃ (1832 ℉) without deformation. So it greatly extends the service life of the heater.
VVKB’s glow pin selects Japanese imported Kyocera one.
VVKB parking heater’s outcasing uses non-toxic plastic that are RoHS compliant. And it won’t do any harm to the human in long-term use.

To make the parking heater more user-friendly, we have several options for some certain parts.

VVKB parking heater has both brush motors and brushless motors for customers to choose. They have very good balance performance with noise below 50 decibels during heater’s working.
VVKB parking heater has both 4 and 6 meters cable for option. Different vehicles need different cable length. For example, some caravans require 6 meters of cable.
VVKB parking heater has different kinds of control panels to choose from. Meanwhile, the remote is also an optional choice for customers.
About the control panel, we improved it with smaller connection plug, so the users only need to drill a small hole to pass through the connection plug. And all pugs are water-proof.

VVKB parking heater uses a flexible exhaust pipe. It is not only easy to install, but also reduce exhaust noise with the flexible spiral structure.
VVKB parking heater is also equipped with an intake muffler and an exhaust muffler, which can greatly reduce the working noise. It comes standard with two exhaust pipes in one heater unit -- one is 20 cm and the other is 60 cm. We can also customize any length of the exhaust pipe for customers, such as 2 meters or longer.

VVKB’s factory has passed IOS9001 certification, and VVKB parking heaters have CE, RoHS, FCC, E-mark certifications.
VVKB parking heater provides a complete solution for heater faults, providing videos and blogs to solve heater problems. Normally, if the heater is installed correctly, there won’t be any malfunction.


Package List of 2.5KW diesel heater

Fuel pump 1 Sealed gasket 1
Hot air outlet pipe Φ60mm  80cm Clamp Φ60~80   2pcs
Burning air intake pipe Φ25mm  80cm Mini clamp Φ9~11    12pcs
Combustion exhausted pipe 60cm+20cm Holder for exhaust pipe 
and air-in pipe
Air vent case 1 Nut Φ6   4pcs
Oil pump bracket 1 Safety plate 2
Intake muffler 1 Self-tapping screw 9
Fuel filter 1 Screw Φ6  L34  4pcs
Cable 1 Heater mount plate 1
Fuel pipe 4m Clamp for exhaust pipe 1
Rubber hose 20cm Clamp for air-in pipe 1
Air outlet 1 Exhausted silencer 1

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Vvkb Diesel Heater Demonstration Video

This video provides a detailed demonstration of the unique components of the Vvkb diesel heater, showing how it differs from other brands.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Control Panel Use Video

Once you have installed your Vvkb diesel heater, you can check out the video on how to use the Vvkb control panel.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Notes on Installation

The video shows vvkb diesel heater installation precautions, pay attention to these details and the heater will work perfectly. You can also click the link to see the detailed installation details.

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