VVKB Glow Plug 12V / 24V for Diesel truck, boat, bus, caravan, Webasto Diesel Heaters

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The advantges of VVKB diesel heater glow pin:

  1. The thermal expansion coefficient from VVKB diesel heater glow pin is very low. It’s 7×10-6/℃.
  2. The Vickers hardness test of the VVKB glow pin reaches 17.1 GPa.
  3. VVKB glow pin is mainly made of silicon nitride.
  4. The wire sheath of VVKB glow pin is made of Teflon. It can bear high temperature and won’t melt.
  5. VVKB diesel heater glow pin is suitable for all Chinese diesel heaters.
Like the Webasto heaters and Eberspaecher heaters, the VVKB diesel heaters use the glow pin produced by Kyocera Corporation of Japan.


The glow plug material of the VVKB diesel heater is pressed from a silicon nitride material. It has the advantage of being resistant to oxidation and sufficient output power.


The glow plug of the VVKB diesel heater has the characteristics of high power density and good thermal efficiency.


The glow plug of VVKB diesel heater has excellent thermal characteristics, rapid heating, strong insulation and direct contact with diesel and metal.


VVKB glow plugs have high reliability, excellent dielectric strength and electrical insulation. Because the ignition plug resistor material prevents oxidation, it has a longer service life and superior chemical resistance.


The maximum operating temperature of the VVKB glow plug can reach 1400 degrees Celsius (2252 degrees Fahrenheit)

The VVKB diesel heater glow plug can be used in all Chinese diesel heaters.


  • Brand Name:VVKB
  • Item Type:Heating & Fans
  • Item Weight:0.3
  • External Testing Certification:CE
  • Color Name:Black 


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