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From Cold Starts to Cozy Rides

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Vvkb In Line Coolant Heater Titan-P6 110V/220V Engine Block Heater

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Benefits of Vvkb Engine Block Heater Titan-P6

  1. Classic Design, Durable Performance - The Titan-P6 engine heater features a classic design from 1996 with a die-cast aluminum alloy casing, ensuring long-lasting durability and excellent corrosion resistance.
  2. Intelligent Temperature Control, Safe and Reliable - The built-in temperature controller automatically adjusts to maintain a constant coolant temperature, preventing engine overheating and enhancing safety.
  3. Broad Applicability - Suitable for a variety of heavy machinery, including tractors, large trucks, off-road vehicles, small aircraft, and construction equipment, providing a wide range of usage scenarios.
  4. Reduced Maintenance Costs - Preheating the engine can reduce wear caused by cold starts, extending engine life and reducing maintenance costs.
  5. Enhanced Fuel Efficiency - An engine that has been preheated operates more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, making it both environmentally friendly and economical.
  6. Easy Installation, User-Friendly Operation - The Titan-P6 is designed with user experience in mind, easy to install and operate without the need for specialized skills.
  7. High Reliability, Rave Reviews - Since its introduction, the Titan-P6 has received unanimous praise from a broad user base for its reliability and efficient performance.

Data of Vvkb Engine Heater Titan-P6

Rated Voltage 110V/230V
Rated Power 500W/1000W/1500W
Rated Frequency 60Hz/50Hz
Weight 2.2 lbs (1kg)
Dimension 110mm X 104mm X 73mm (4.3" X 4.1" X 2.9")
Interface Diameter 5/8" (16mm)
Built-in Thermostat One thermostat 45℃ - 65℃(113℉ - 149℉)
Warranty  One year
Waterproof Rating IP X4
Heating Tube Material and Process Stainless steel, without processing
Heating Tube Life 8000hr
Shell Material Aluminum alloy die-casting
Shell Treatment Process Laser engraving
Certification TUV, CE, RoHS, FCC
Installation Method Connected in series or parallel to coolant hoses



Engine block heater Titan-P3 installation diagram

Vvkb Tank Engine Heater Titan-P6 Installation Notes

The Vvkb engine block heater Titan-P6 does not include an internal water pump; instead, it features a check valve. Consequently, the Titan-P6 must be installed in parallel with auxiliary heaters and cannot be installed in series within the heater hose.

In line coolant heater Titan-P6 Dimensional Drawing

Engine Heater Titan-P6 External Dimension Drawing

The Vvkb Tank Engine Heater Titan-P6 has a larger form factor, which makes it suitable for models with more space in the engine compartment.

Vvkb Tank Engine Heater Titan-P6 Inlet & Outlet Schematic

Vvkb Tank Engine Heater Titan-P6 Inlet & Outlet Schematic

When installing the Vvkb heater Titan-P6, it's important to pay attention to the inlet and outlet. The heater should be installed at the lowest position in the vehicle with the outlet facing upwards to facilitate the flow of the heated coolant.


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