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From Cold Starts to Cozy Rides

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Warmda Diesel Heater 12V/24V 2.5KW/5KW

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Benefits of Warmda Diesel Heater

  1. All-Season Efficiency - Equipped with advanced temperature control technology, Warmda diesel heaters provide consistent and comfortable warmth during cold winters or cool nights. Regardless of external temperature changes, Warmda responds quickly to deliver stable heat for your vehicle or living space.
  2. Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly - Using high-efficiency combustion technology, Warmda diesel heaters not only offer superior heating but also reduce energy consumption and emissions. This helps users save on fuel costs while contributing to environmental protection.
  3. Quiet Design for Peaceful Enjoyment - Our specially designed soundproofing technology ensures that Warmda diesel heaters operate with minimal noise, making them almost imperceptible. Whether working or resting, they provide a quiet and warm environment.
  4. Easy Installation and Maintenance - Warmda diesel heaters are designed for user convenience, easy to install and simple to maintain. This means users can quickly start using the heater without frequent professional maintenance, saving both time and maintenance costs.
  5. Safe and Reliable, a Trusted Choice - Safety is a top priority for Warmda diesel heaters. We employ multiple safety measures such as automatic temperature control, overheating protection, and flame-retardant materials to ensure user safety and peace of mind during operation.

Warmda Diesel Heater A1250/A2450 Data:

  • Model: Warmda-A1250; Warmda-A2450;
  • Working voltage: 9V-16V; 18V-32V
  • Output power: 5000W
  • Output heat: 16000 BTU
  • Fuel type: diesel
  • Size: 380MM X 140MM X 138MM (15IN X 5.5IN X 5.43IN)
  • Power consumption: ≤26W
  • Fuel consumption: ≤0.475L / H 0.126 Gal
  • Weight: 5.7KGS /12.57 ib

Warmda Diesel Heater A1225/A2425 Data:


  • Model: Warmda-A1225/ Warmda-A2425
  • Working voltage: 9V-16V; 18V-32V
  • Authenticate: CE; ROHS; FCC
  • Fuel type: Diesel fuel
  • Output power: 2500W
  • Output heat: 8200 BTU
  • Power consumption: ≤22W
  • Fuel consumption: 0.252 L / 0.067 Gal
  • Weight: 2.7KGS/ 5.95 ib
  • Size 310mm X 122mm X 115mm ( 12.2 in X 4.8 in  X 4.5 in)

Good Auto Parts Workshop Video Highlights

At Good Auto Parts, we boast an advanced production line that can customize heaters according to your needs. Our products meet automotive manufacturer standards, ensuring that every heater you purchase is highly reliable. Let us help you create the perfect heating solution tailored to your needs, giving you peace of mind when you buy.

Diesel Heater Motor Production

The motors of Warmda diesel heaters are manufactured by our company, and we are able to control the quality of our products to make sure that each motor meets the standards of quality and working noise.

Diesel Heater Aluminum Shell Production Workshop

The aluminum casing of our diesel heaters is crucial for their safety. We use advanced die-casting technology to ensure that the casing is free from tiny pores or sand holes, preventing any carbon monoxide leaks into the cabin during operation. This high-standard manufacturing process guarantees the superior quality and safety of our products.

Warmda Diesel Heater Cable Fire Resistance Test

When the heater starts, the current can exceed 10 amperes, making the diameter of the heater wires crucial for preventing overheating and short circuits. Additionally, the fire resistance of the wires and their casing provides an extra layer of protection. Both Warmda and Vvkb use materials with excellent fire resistance for their wiring, ensuring safety in use. This design significantly reduces the risk of malfunctions and enhances product reliability.


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