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From Cold Starts to Cozy Rides

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Best Diesel Heaters for Your Motorhome

If you’re a motorhome owner or about to invest in one, traveling during winters will need some extra gear. A diesel heater tops the essentials and is the holy grail of comfort that will keep you snug and toasty.



While a motorhome is a treat in spring and summer, it can be a nightmare during winters. This is of course if you don’t have a good heating system installed. And not any good heating, a robust diesel heater.


Why get a Diesel Heater for your Motorhome?

While you may consider taking along piles of blankets and hot water bottles. These are not permanent solutions. A diesel heater will provide the right heating all through your stay. It will warm up the inside of the motorhome especially when the mercury drops.

Equipped with advanced technology, these heaters maintain an optimal temperature within the vehicle. This ensures you enjoy a cozy vehicle experience any time of the year.



It’s also a safer, more reliable method of heating which saves you tons of money. Requiring low maintenance is another most valuable asset along with optimal performance.

So there you have it, a diesel heater to a motorhome is much like peanut butter to jelly, and both go hand in hand. With so many choices out there, choosing one that fits your vehicle best can get overwhelming. Especially if you have no experience before.

This is where I come in. And in this article, I will cover all aspects when it comes to choosing the best diesel heater for your motorhome.


Choosing the right Diesel Heater for your Motorhome

Like I said, choosing a diesel heater for your motorhome is no easy business. One has to go through every little detail to find one that suits their needs.

So, we checked out some of them and picked the top for you. Without further to do, let’s begin:

VVKB Apollo P-1 Portable Parking Heater


  • Brand: VVKB
  • Model: Apollo P-1
  • Power: 2500 watt
  • Output Heat: 8500BTU/H
  • Dimension: 8.66x13.39x12.99 inches
  • Weight: 22.8 pounds
  • Voltage: 12 Volts

Key Features:

The first is the easiest to guess! It's a portable diesel heater which you can take anywhere on your trip. Besides its portability, VVKB doesn't compromise on the quality of the product. It has a Kyocera glow pin and comprises a combustion chamber with zero soot build-up.

A combustion chamber and glow pin will ensure that the heater burns the diesel. Napping Like a baby is something that comes on its own with this heater because there's no noise! A warm and quiet environment will provide you the essential beauty sleep you‘ve been missing.



Apollo P-1 comes with a capacity of 3.5 liters. Which you can use for continuous 10 to 20 hours, depending on the temperature. It has a design with an oil level display feature, so the heater will not stop working because of the lack of fuel. At the backside of this portable diesel heater, there is the main power design. This allows you to control the power supply. It can use both DV 12V/AC 110V or DC 12V/AC 230V.

The most exciting feature is the USB interface at the backside of the heater. It can connect all kinds of different electronic devices. DJ-ing at the Motorhome? No problem.


VVKB Diesel Heater 2.5KW/5KW


  • Brand: Vvkb
  • Power: 5000 watt
  • Output Heat: 16000BTU/H
  • Dimension: 380x140x138 mm
  • Weight: 9.6 kg
  • Working temperature: -40 degree C to +20 degree C
  • Voltage: 9 to 16 volts

Key Features:

Your security is the priority for Vvkb. That's why they have produced fire-resistant cables. These come in handy if the fire sparks because these cables will prevent them from spreading out.



A fire-proof cable can control the free spark. It protects the combustion from any severe damage. Besides this fire-resistant feature, it is also shock-proof. VVKB diesel air heater collects the air from the surroundings. Then it blows out the clean hot air inside the vehicle. It comprises a water-proof plug for double safety.

Additionally, it has an exhaust muffler and a flexible exhaust pipe. This parking heater may help you out to control high thermal efficiency. VVKB parking heater has a combustion chamber in it with resistance to soot.

It comes with a lifespan of 8 to 10 years. You don’t even have to pay for its delivery charges because the shipping is free!


Warmda Diesel Heater 12v/24v:


  • Brand: Warmda
  • Model: A1250
  • Power: 5000 watt
  • Output Heat: 16000BTU/H
  • Dimension: 380x140x138 mm
  • Voltage: 12v or 24v
  • Weight: 12.57 pounds


Key Features:

Warmda diesel heater tops the list because of its high-end quality that is worth every penny. The best feature is its CAN communication cable. This cable will help you ensure that the heater’s system works well.

The communication cable and the main power cord of the Warmda diesel heater come in good designs. These help in preventing high current intensity and boosts the heater's performance.



The durable exterior of the heater is from Polyamide 66. This reliable material has a range of advantages. These are good to wear off resistance, provide durability, and control corrosion. Their high mechanical strength and low-temperature resistance are also some benefits.

Polyamide 66 heater case further contains better thermal stability. It delivers high impact resistance and many more features.

Also, you might have noticed when the standard heater is working, it produces very high energy. This can release some levels of toxicity. Warmda diesel heater does not produce any toxic gases and blows the dry and clear air.

The accessories that come with it are also water and fire-proof. You can use a Warmda diesel heater under 3000 meters, and it does not need any extra adjustments. It is a complete kit with all the accessories that you will need to install it.

When doing it yourself make sure to read the precautions. They will help you start the installation the right way.


Warmda Night Heater


  • Brand: Warmda
  • Power: 5KW
  • Dimension: 380 X 140 X 138
  • Weight: 10.6KGS/20.3Ib
  • Output Heat: 16000BTU
  • Voltage: 9V-16V/18V-32V


Key Features:

The Night Heater is a good choice for motorhome owners because of the great performance it gives. The exceptional heating will make your travels in the winter extra fun.

Warmda Night Heater

As the name suggests, the heater gives a safe temperature control in the after hours. You will sleep like a baby with the cozy temperature setting. Reliable and affordable, the heater is a great investment.

It comes with the latest housing system made with aluminum. The redesigning of the structure gives off a seamless look and great performance. Reliable, light, and easy to install the motorhome owners can enjoy a cozy journey any day.

The WARMDA heaters are reliable as they are functional. The exceptional quality of the heater gives the right value for your money.


The Portable Diesel Heater


  • Brand: Warmda
  • Input Power:≤ 26 watt
  • Dimension: 310 × 260 × 210 cm
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Output Heat: 16000 BTU
  • Voltage: 9V-16V/110V-240V


Key Features:

The heater gives a two in one solution with its in-built fuel tank. With many power options traveling with this heater is a breeze on any trip.



Adaptable on 12V DC and 110v/240V AC, the large 5L fuel tank keeps the heater running for more than 12 hours.

Low working noise will make you enjoy a good sleep anywhere. The heater is portable which you can even use in an outside camp. The design of the size brims with versatility and works with most standard vehicles.

It comes with a power transformer which takes the power from 110V to 240V AC in seconds! All in all, the Warmda portable diesel heater is a great buy. It is ideal for any motorhome owner especially if they are looking for a portable solution!


Benefits of using a Diesel Heater for your Motorhome

There are tons of benefits and applications when it comes to using a diesel heater for your motorhome. Some of these are:

  • Their reliability, even in the bitterest conditions.
  • Unwavering optimal performance.
  • Use of cost-effective fuel which is available everywhere.
  • No extra running costs.
  • Installs on the outside of the vehicle, creating more room within.
  • Instantaneous heating.
  • Constant temperature regulation by the top-quality thermostat.
  • They will give you dry heat which is resistant to moisture.
  • They are completely safe to use.

Things to consider when getting a Diesel Heater for your Motorhome


While you may have an idea of what you’re getting, some things go along with choosing one. Some of these considerations are:

Do you need a Motorhome Heater?

If you live in warm climatic conditions or like traversing in only those, you don’t need a heater for your motorhome. But, if you’re someone like me who likes to take up a notch no matter if there’s a blizzard out there, you need one for sure.

Diesel heaters give you the perfect temperature setting inside the vehicle that never falters. Besides the convenience of a warm interior, it will give you great value for electric and fuel consumption.

What is the size you want to cover?

This parameter is fundamental to answer if you want the right heating temperature. Ensuring that the size of the motorhome conforms to the heating capacity of the heater will give you ultimate comfort.

If the heating system is too small, you will need piles of blankets to keep you warm. If it’s too large, there will be unnecessary fuel and energy consumption.

Why Diesel?

There are quite a few options out there to choose the kind of fuel you need, diesel stands out. It is a good fuel alternative that is available and safe to use. Even if you travel to the remotest sides of the country, diesel will be available.

Another benefit of choosing diesel as your go-to fuel is the cost. Frequent refills with diesel will not cost you much when compared to gas or electricity.

Good quality diesel heaters come with a boost function and can perform well even at high altitudes. Some other benefits are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient even in extreme temperatures
  • Safe to use
  • Cuts the effects of condensation
  • Low electric usage
  • Is easy to use with all the vehicles running on diesel.


What’s your budget?

While there may be large upfront costs when it comes to good heating solutions, diesel heaters provide you with great value. It is also compensated through their lower running costs.

Start by researching the rates available and noting down all the heaters that fit your budget and required functions.


Some Extra Points to Keep in Mind

While a diesel heater is a reliable source of heating, problems are inevitable. You should ensure that your Motorhome has a backup heating plan if such a situation arises.

It's best to consider good alternatives in these situations so that you can keep warm till the heater is good to go again. When not in use, make sure to run the heater for at least an hour so that the coke doesn’t clog. This can become a problem in summers.

Consistent maintenance especially in the harsh winter will help keep up the performance of your heater. Go through the maintenance routines as recommended by the company and ensure that you carry them out.

Regular maintenance allows your heater to run with efficiency. It works throughout the season and minimizes the effects of carbon build-up. You will get dry warm air only if the vents are clean enough. Usually, maintenance is quite easy but if it’s your first time or you’re not confident, you can always seek guidance from the company.


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