How To Choose the Best Diesel Heater? Never Decide On Price Alone

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A Hard Decision To Make


Diesel heaters are keeping drivers warm for a long time, and the market was quite stable for a while, with some well-known names dominating the industry.

Diesel Heater


However, in 2017, everything changed. Many Chinese diesel heater manufacturers entered the field, and the prices plummeted.




VVKB diesel heater show

Tooqun diesel heater

Tooqun Parking Heater


The issue with this type of product is that customers don't buy them every day, so differentiating right from wrong is very hard.

This is even worsened by the fact that all diesel heaters look similar.


SIMATE Diesel Heater


SIMATE Diesel Heater

However, the prices can differ by more than 10x, which leaves customers confused.


Vvkb Diesel Heater


Vvkb Diesel Heater


Things get even worse when you start reading the features list of cheap Chinese parking heaters.

Reading that alone will leave you impressed, thinking about how you are getting good value for the cheap price you pay.


Warmda Diesel Heater


Warmda Diesel Heater


Also, sites like Amazon and eBay have made cheap diesel heaters available to everyone, making the purchases more convenient than ever before.


Starting last year, 8KW Chinese diesel heaters appeared on retail sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Amazon 8KW heater

Amazon 8KW Diesel Heater

However, their housings look exactly the same as 3KW and 5KW.

According to our 20 years of experience, if the output of a diesel heater is to reach 8KW, then the size of the heater is 1.5 times larger than 5KW.

There are too many factories producing diesel heater parts in the Chinese market.

Most Chinese factories simply assemble these parts.

The fixed cost of developing an 8KW diesel heater will exceed USD 500,000.

In addition, heater accessories are required for mass production.

Mass-produced heaters are simply impossible to sell through retail sites such as Amazon and eBay.

In addition, the heater cost will increase a lot, and it is impossible to sell at a price far below the cost.

After our tests on these heater samples, their actual output power is around 3-3.5KW.

This virtual standard heater power is very irresponsible.

If people use this heater in extremely cold areas, it may cause serious damage to their health.


So, customers ask a good question: "Why would I buy a premium diesel heater that costs ten times as much, if I can get the cheap one delivered to my door?"

client feedback


This article will tell you more about that.

Below I will introduce in detail the differences between various diesel heaters.

Price Does Matter, But It Is Not The Only Factor To Consider


Diesel Heater


Diesel Heater Impossible Trinity


The price is one of the critical factors in any purchase, and diesel heaters are no different.

However, just like with any other type of product, you shouldn't make the decision on price alone.

You need a good price, but you also want excellent service at the same time.

Buyers need to understand that diesel heaters are a longterm investment.

You want to buy the right type of heater at a reasonable price, but more importantly, you want it to serve you for years to come.

Therefore, investing extra into making sure that you get the right, a quality-made model is wise.


Diesel Heater reviews

Diesel Heater reviews

The Chinese Diesel Heater Issue

As already stated, all diesel heaters look pretty much the same.

You don't buy them because they are pretty, but because they keep you warm when the temperature goes sub-zero.

So, you can't choose based on looks.


What often happens is that buyers make a price-based decision, getting a cheap Chinese diesel heater model.

What follows is usually a pleasant surprise.

Buyers install their bargain buy heaters and get even more than they hoped for.

The heater functions normally and the cabin is warm.

Theses buyers usually leave a positive review immediately, telling other people how the heater is the best value for money ever imaginable.

They are happy, at least for now.


The Problems Start Appearing Later


You want your heater to function for years, which you won't get from most Chinese parking heaters.

After a while, you will notice problems.

The heater will start letting you down, having issues starting when the weather gets too cold.

The problem is that you try out your diesel heaters usually when the weather is not that cold.

However, when the temperature is way below freezing, your heater can be the difference between life and death.

Parking Heater

Chinese Parking Heater

The Problems You Can't See


I'm not trying to say that every single cheap diesel heater will leave you stranded in the cold, no.

But, the malfunctioning risk is much higher, as cheap heaters use cheap parts.

The bigger problem is that they use cheap materials too.

The heater (obviously) produces and radiates heat, which is why it is imperative that it contains only rigorously tested and health-friendly materials.

Matter behaves differently when the temperature varies, and extreme heat present inside the heater will cause some materials to release toxins.

In small amounts, nothing bad will happen, but if you are sleeping next to a running diesel heater, you will inhale those particles for hours, every single night.


Therefore, it's an absolute must that all the parts and materials are rigorously tested and safe for human health.

This testing is something that Chinese diesel heater manufacturers rarely do.


Safety Concerns


While releasing toxins is unhealthy, one thing is far more dangerous—causing a fire.

More importantly, the use of unreliable diesel heaters may cause serious harm to people's health.

Here is what a customer said about us:

"People use heaters for camping or for use in very cold winter conditions. A heater failure could be very uncomfortable or could mean that someone might die.
The heaters made by Webasto, Eberspacher, and Vvkb seem like quality reliable heaters which one can trust.
It's worth spending a few hundred extra Euros or Dollars to save ones life.
I'll be building a recreational vehicle in the next few years.
VVKB are in my budget range. The European ones are too costly."


This lets us know why you should choose a reliable heater. This is for the safety of your customers' lives.

While any company is doing business for the sake of profit, some things don't have a price.

You want to know that the heaters you install won't cause any harm to your customers, God forbid risking lives.

Vvkb diesel heaters will give you just that, and with a more affordable price tag than premium European competitors.


Diesel Heater


Added Costs Build Up


While there are technically-savvy people who love the DIY approach, installing a diesel heater is not an easy task for regular people, or for those strapped for time.

When people buy cheap diesel heaters, the installation cost becomes a huge expense.

For the heater to function correctly and safely, a quality installation is a must.

But, although quality heaters last a long time, they are not indestructible.


After using your heater for a while, some small issues might occur, which will require maintenance.

But, budget production companies usually have no way to provide technical service and maintenance.

That's first because they don't take that into account at all, which lowers the price,

But also because they don't keep any technical reserves, nor have the understanding of the working principles of diesel heaters.

The Critical Data Accumulation Is Often Missing


Yes, this is not a rocket ship, it's a heater, but as you are about to learn, the device is far more sophisticated than it first seems.


The air heater is a combustion system.

Although the working principle of this system is very simple, designing a perfect operation procedure requires long-term experience accumulation and massive data support.

There is no way to get these data through purchases.

Only by continually trying and modifying, and requiring a large number of experimental objects to make statistics, it is possible to obtain a relative amount of data.

It is also necessary for engineers to analyze and process the information before finally forming usable data.

Therefore, without long-term experience accumulation, it is difficult to perfect the control procedures for diesel heaters.

Normal companies often need more than 20 years to obtain relatively complete experience.

Too Many Rookies On The Market

According to a survey conducted by a US investigative agency, most US SMEs have a life span of 8-10 years. Japanese SMEs exist for 3-5 years, while most Chinese SMEs exist for 1-3 years.

We can also see that some of these companies producing diesel heaters have appeared on the market since 2017. Most of them appeared in 2018.

They are just a simple assembly line of diesel heaters.


These companies are too young for the operation logic of the heater and the calculation logic of the heater control program.

They simply cannot get the data they need. Or, due to quick successes and immediate benefits, they have begun to put heaters on the market for sale before they have perfected their products.

This lowers the prices, luring buyers in, but it skyrockets the risks.


Not to mention those e-commerce sellers of diesel heaters on Amazon and eBay.

They just sell and have no knowledge of after-sales technology.

While it is convenient to buy from a reseller, as the heater gets delivered to your door, this is something that is very dangerous.


The "Just Buy Another One" Logic Fault


When you think about the price alone, you may come to a realization that if one heater costs 10x as much as the other, a better decision is just to buy another one when the cheaper one fails.


However, that doesn't take into account all the risks of being stranded in the cold, health hazards caused by cheap materials, as well as fire hazards.

Also, installing a new heater is not that easy, nor is repairing a broken one.


Parking Heater reviews


Parking Heater reviews

Therefore, many customers that buy cheap heaters contact us, asking for help (that's if they don't just discard it and buy another one).

However, we usually can't help, even though we would like to.

We can't approach the problem without fully understanding the calculation logic of these heaters, so there's no way for us to provide a quality solution.


The whole search and trying to fix the issue is something that takes a lot of time, and in the end, when it fails, the customer realizes that the cost of time and effort exceeded the value of the cheap parking heater, which is all but convenient.

This customer wants to find a manufacturer that can provide reliable quality and low prices. Only the combination of both factors makes the right choice.

Comparing Heaters, Part By Part


Below, I will use a detailed picture comparison to let you have a more intuitive comparison and understanding of the difference between Vvkb diesel heaters and cheap Chinese diesel heaters.

1. Diesel Heater Electronic Control Unit



This is the core component of a diesel heater. The operating program controls the speed of the heater motor and the flow rate of the oil pump.

This ensures that the fuel entering the combustion chamber of the heater can be burned with the appropriate proportion of oxygen.


Electronic Control Unit

Electronic Control Unit

Interference Issues


The choice of electronic components for the main control board is critical.

Diesel heaters are usually installed in various vehicles, and vehicles have many electronic components or accessories such as motors. These electrical components may generate electromagnetic waves, and they will interfere with each other.

If low-quality electronic components are used, they will lose function due to electromagnetic interference, which will cause the heater to occasionally malfunction.

While this won't happen all the time, it will happen from time to time, making your heater unreliable.



Quality Chip


The chip of the heater main control board should have sufficient storage space.

The 32-bit chip is selected for the Vvkb diesel heater.

For ordinary Chinese parking heaters, an 8-bit chip is selected. An 8-bit chip will slow the heater's response.

Occasionally, this can cause the heater to malfunction.

The accuracy of other electronic components around the chip of the heater's main control board plays a decisive role in the entire control circuit.

The price of 32-bit chips is very different from the price of 8-bit chips. High-precision electronic components are costly.

In order to save costs, cheap Chinese diesel heaters only use ordinary civilian-level electronic components, which are just not good enough.


2. Diesel heater connection plug


When the diesel heater is ignited, the current intensity will exceed 7A, with some Chinese heaters going up to 9A or more.


Vvkb Diesel Heater Connection plug

Vvkb Diesel Heater connector plug

The huge current intensity passes through the connector. If the thickness of the copper contact of the connector is not enough, the copper sheet will heat up.

In severe cases, this can cause a fire.

The heater is installed on the bottom of the vehicle. The plug will be exposed outside the compartment and may become wet due to rain, snow, or moisture.

Ordinary production companies don't care about this detail, and users don't understand the importance.

Chinese Parking Heater Connection plug

Tooqun parking heater connector plug

Only enterprise-level companies will react to these "small" issues and are able to consider the details of the product in all aspects.

The connection cable of the Vvkb diesel heater is waterproof.

This possibility will be eliminated, making our heater safe.

3. Diesel heater cable



The magnitude of the cross-sectional area of the cable is very important when the heater is working, as a huge current intensity flows through the cable.


 Vvkb Diesel Heater Cable

Vvkb Diesel Heater Cable

The cable diameter of Chinese diesel heaters is usually 1.5mm-1.8mm.

For cables with a diameter of less than 2 mm, when a current of 9A passes, the cable will heat up. Just like with the connection plug, the safety hazard is very serious. A cheap cable may cause a fire.


Chinese Diesel Heater Cable

Chinese Diesel Heater Cable

Vvkb diesel heater chooses 2.5mm diameter cable. When 7A current passes through the current, it will not generate heat.

But, it is not only about the cable thickness, length matters too. Some large RVs are very long.

In order to allow users to install Vvkb diesel heaters easily, we provide users with 4m and 6m cables.

That way you don't have to compromise safety with DIY extension solutions.


4. Insulating protective layer of cable


The safety of the heater is the most important. In order to completely eliminate the hidden dangers of fire, Vvkb diesel heater uses a fire protection cover. Because this protective cover is copped with fireproof material, it won't get ignited.

The ordinary Chinese diesel heater uses electric tape that isn't fireproof. Again, a small difference, but everything matters when it comes to safety.


5. Diesel heater control panel


Vvkb diesel heaters provide a push-button control panel and a knob-type control panel for the user's choice.


Vvkb Diesel heater control panel

The push-button control panel is powerful, while the knob-type provides easy operation with an ordinary knob control panel.


Chinese Diesel heater control panel

Cheap Chinese diesel heaters don't offer this type of choice.

6. The plastic shell of diesel heater


The shell of ordinary Chinese diesel heaters is rough and pressed with recycled materials.


Diesel Heater

Vvkb Diesel Heater

When the heaters work, they emit a pungent odor.

Moreover, recycled plastic contains a large number of toxic substances.

After these toxic substances are heated to high temperatures, they will be released into the cabin with the hot air, which will pollute the heated space.

People staying in a space full of pollutants for a long time will cause irreversible damage to their health.

And as stated, if you plan to sleep alongside a heater, it is not smart to have one made out of cheap, recycled materials.

Chinese Diesel Heater

The mold of the Vvkb diesel heater is excellent in workmanship, and the shell joints are even.

We use non-toxic, brand new plastic, you can hardly smell any odor, and that only happens when the heater is working for the first time.

Using brand new plastic is expensive, which is what you will never find it in cheap diesel heaters.

7. Diesel heater radiator


The heater radiator is where the main combustion takes place. Diesel and air are burned in the combustion chamber.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Radiator

Vvkb Diesel Heater Radiator

The combustion exhaust gas is discharged to the outside through the gas exhaust port and the exhaust pipe.

The air-tightness of the radiator is very important. We know that the combustion exhaust gas contains harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.

These hazardous substances can seriously affect people's physical health and even cause death.

If trachoma exists in the radiator, the combustion exhaust gas will pass through the trachoma and enter the heated space with hot air, severely risking lives and health.

Chinese Diesel Heater Radiator

Chinese Diesel Heater Radiator

The radiator of Vvkb diesel heater is die-cast by a 1000-ton pressure die-casting machine, which ensures there is no trachoma.

In addition, the radiator details of the Vvkb diesel heater are handled properly, without burrs, and the appearance is smooth.

8. Diesel heater combustion chamber


The diesel heater combustion chamber is the main place for diesel combustion.

When diesel is burning, the flame temperature is very high. The ordinary Chinese diesel heater combustion chamber uses 304 stainless steel as the raw material.

Vvkb diesel heater combustion chamber

Vvkb diesel heater combustion chamber

The high-temperature resistance is 800 degrees Celsius (1472 degrees Fahrenheit). This is not good enough.

Vvkb knows the importance of the combustion chamber to save fuel for diesel heaters, and the stability of the combustion chamber dictates the life of the heater.

In order to prevent the combustion chamber from deforming due to high temperature, Vvkb chose 2025 stainless steel, which has a high-temperature resistance of 1300 degrees Celsius (2372 degrees Fahrenheit).

Chinese diesel heater combustion chamber

Chinese diesel heater combustion chamber

This is a major improvement, and the use of 2025 stainless steel can greatly extend the working life of diesel heaters.

This stainless steel ensures long-term work, and the chance of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber is reduced.

9. Temperature sensor


The temperature sensor can detect the ignition condition of the heater and if the temperature of the air outlet is too high.

Vvkb diesel heater uses a German Heraeus temperature sensor, combined with the Vvkb motherboard.

This system can detect even the slightest temperature changes.

This provides better protection for the user, making the heater safer.

10. Glow Plug


Many people know that the quality of Kyocera's ignition plugs is outstanding, as it is one of the rare glow plugs that won't malfunction even in low temperatures.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Glow Plug

Similar to other products, there are also many fake Kyocera ignition plugs on the market. There are also many diesel heaters on the market labeled to have Kyocera glow plugs.

But the price of a Kyocera glow plug alone is more than $ 20. This already accounts for a large part of the cost of diesel heaters manufactured in China.

Therefore, if a heater states Kyocera, and is ultra-cheap, rest assured that the glow plug inside is not the one you want.

The Vvkb heater uses a Kyocera ignition plug made in Japan. Therefore, the Vvkb heater can be quickly started at low temperatures.

Chinese diesel heater glow plug

Because the ignition plug will produce a current strength of more than 7 amps, Vvkb has designed a unique connection method for the safety of the heater.

When a large current is passed, nothing will heat up to unwanted temperatures.

11. Combustion Blower Motor


Vvkb combustion motors are available in two styles. One is a brushless motor, and the other is a brushed motor.

Regardless of the motor, we use all copper coils and use reliable accessories.

Each motor will undergo a dynamic balance test to make the motor work more smoothly.

You can hardly expect that a cheap Chinese diesel heater goes through these tests.

The combustion-supporting impeller can accurately measure the amount of oxygen entering, and with the high-precision metering oil pump, it can maximize the thermal efficiency of diesel.

This will ensure you get the maximum out of the diesel inside, improving cost-efficiency.

12. Fuel pump


The oil pump casing of ordinary diesel heater is not corrosion-resistant.

Chinese Diesel Heater Fuel Pump

Comparison of Vvkb fuel pump and Chinese heater fuel pump

This will not cause issues when the heater is new but will cause risks and increase wear as you continue using the heater.

The shell material of the Vvkb oil pump goes through a special process.

As a result, our heater can be exposed to harsh environments for five years without internal corrosion.


Vvkb oil pump uses high-temperature resistant coils so that the oil pump can withstand high temperatures over 180 degrees Celsius.

This extended the service life of the oil pump, as well as the overall safety of the whole device.

13. Hot Air Ducting


Vvkb hot air outlet pipe uses aluminum, which will not let the heat be lost through radiation.

The helical structure can be freely extended and retracted, which is convenient for users as makes the installation and use more convenient.

We also provide customized services for users, producing custom hot air ducts of any length.

14. Combustion Air Pipe


Although the combustion air intake pipe does not need to prevent the loss of heat, considering the reliability of aluminum, we chose aluminum as the base material and cover the black film.

The combustion air intake pipe also has a helical structure, which can be retracted freely.

So, although this is not a vital component, quality heaters will have better materials installed in them anyway.

15. Intake muffler


The intake muffler filters dust and impurities from the air and reduces the noise of the heater


If you plan to sleep next to a diesel heater, ensuring it operates quietly is essential.

16. Diesel Heater Combustion Exhaust Pipe


Ordinary Chinese heaters use a single-layered ring-shaped exhaust pipe made of 204 stainless iron.

This exhaust pipe cannot effectively isolate the noise from diesel combustion, and it is very hard and difficult to bend during installation.

Vvkb exhaust pipe

This causes trouble for the installation of the heater.

The interface of the exhaust pipe is smooth.

When the exhaust pipe is installed at the exhaust port of the heater, there is a possibility that the exhaust pipe may fall off due to the vibration of the heater during operation.

Vvkb diesel heater selects 304 stainless steel as the raw material of the exhaust pipe and is pressed by professional machines.

It has high flexibility and can withstand multiple high-strength bending without breaking.

More importantly, the spiral structure can significantly reduce fuel combustion noise, which is why we developed this design.

The helical structure allows the exhaust pipe to be mounted more firmly above the heater's combustion exhaust.

In order to make the exhaust pipe more effective, the Vvkb heater is equipped with two sections of exhaust pipes.

Chinese Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe

One is a short exhaust pipe, and the other is a long exhaust pipe, and between the two, you can install a Vvkb exhaust muffler.

This will significantly reduce the noise output, making Vvkb very quiet.

17. Diesel Heater Exhaust Silencer


The exhaust muffler of ordinary Chinese diesel heaters uses asbestos in the exhaust muffler in order to achieve a certain effect.

Vvkb exhaust muffler

This material is highly cancerous and harmful to human health. Also, it makes the exhaust muffler lightweight.

Vvkb diesel heater exhaust muffler has a honeycomb muffler are made of stainless steel inside.

The design greatly reduces the noise of heater exhaust. There is no asbestos inside the Vvkb exhaust muffler, making it safe.

Chinese Diesel Heater Exhaust Muffler

The Vvkb exhaust muffler also comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation of the exhaust muffler.

18. Diesel Heater Heavy Exhaust Pipe Clamps


The exhaust pipe clamps used by ordinary Chinese diesel heaters use 204 stainless iron and cannot withstand tremendous clamping forces.

Chinese Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe Clamps

Chinese Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe Clamps

The Vvkb diesel heater uses heavy-duty clips made of 306 stainless steel, which can withstand even the highest clamping forces.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Exhaust Pipe Clamps

All standard parts of Vvkb clips are made of stainless steel, which makes them immune to corrosion.

19. Diesel Heater Fuel Tank Standpipe


The Vvkb diesel heater is equipped with a fuel tank standpipe, which makes it easy for the heater to take oil from the fuel tank of the vehicle or ship.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Fuel Tank Standpipe


20. Diesel Fuel Tank


The fuel tank of a common Chinese diesel heater is just a white plastic fuel tank.

Chinese diesel heater fuel tank

In some areas with intense ultraviolet rays such as Australia and New Zealand, the white fuel tank will be penetrated by ultraviolet rays.

That will cause the diesel oil inside to deteriorate due to the action of ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, the caps of these white fuel tanks do not have a locking function.

Vvkb diesel heaters provide users with optional fuel tanks:

  • The black plastic fuel tank can prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging diesel oil.


Vvkb black plastic tank with lock


  • The Vvkb black plastic fuel tank also has a fuel tank lock to ensure the safety of the diesel.
  • Vvkb also provides fuel tanks of various materials, including white plastic tanks, black plastic tanks, black plastic tanks with locks, aluminum tanks, and stainless steel tanks.

Vvkb stainless steel tank with lock


21. Diesel Heater Mount Plate


The mounting plate of a standard Chinese diesel heater is only 1.5 mm thick.

Chinese Diesel Heater Mount Plate

Chinese Diesel Heater Mount Plate

The mounting plate of the Vvkb diesel heater has a thickness of 1.8 mm. This provides better insulation and stability.

Vvkb Diesel Heater Mount Plate

We also provide customers with L-shaped stainless steel mounting plates for ships.


Vvkb stainless steel L-shaped mount plate

22. Marine Heater Exhaust Skin Fitting


In order to provide reliable heaters for ships, Vvkb's marine kits can be easily installed on boats. You can even order Vvkb marine heaters directly.


Marine Heater Exhaust Skin Fitting

This level of customization isn't available when buying Chinese diesel heaters, as they are more of a one size fits all solution.


Bottom Line: The Quality Is In The Details


We believe that after the comparison and introduction above, you have fully understood the difference between Vvkb diesel heaters and other Chinese diesel heaters.

You also know why the price of Vvkb diesel heaters is relatively expensive compared to cheap Chinese diesel heaters.

However, when compared with European brands of similar quality, Vvkb heaters are much more affordable and provide the best value for money.

Diesel Heater Impossible Trinity

We hope that you will learn how to identify the various heaters.

We hope you can buy the best quality heater at the most reasonable price.

As you can see, the device is simple at first glance, but a lot of sophisticated engineering is behind it.

It takes years of improvements, quality materials, and the best parts available to make a reliable diesel heater that won't pose risks, and will work in years to come, no matter how cold it gets outside.

That's why we think it is worth investing in a better quality device that won't let you down when the going gets tough.

We believe that we produced such a device, you can get at a decent price—the Vvkb diesel heater.

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