Diesel engine heater protective case stainless steel

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In cold areas, very cold causes the engine to have difficulty starting, or to wear out easily.
As a result, many vehicles need to be fitted with either a diesel engine heater or a gasoline engine heater.
Provides heat to the engine of the vehicle and to the cab.


Fuel engine heaters are usually installed on the outside of the cab.
When a vehicle is traveling at high speed, a small rock, if popped by a tire, can cause serious injury to an object on the side of the road.
If this rock hits the fuel engine heater of the opposite vehicle, then the heater will be damaged.
Also, the harsh environment of the highway can have corrosive fluids that can corrode the aluminum shell of the fuel heater. thereby affecting the life of the heater.


From this, it is very important to provide a suitable protective housing for the diesel engine heater.
For this purpose, Vvkb Heaters has designed a diesel engine heater protection box.


The material of this protective case is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
There are also small holes in the same location for the heater's various exhaust ports.
Easy connection of exhaust and water pipes.
The Vvkb diesel engine heater protection box is suitable for any brand of 5WK fuel engine heater.


Make your diesel engine heater less harmful from outside. Extend the life of your diesel engine heater.